Am I offering up enough time to God?

I am a Catholic and I give about one hour or more up to God a day, with prayer, questions, and just meditation, but is that enough? Please tell me what you think.

There’s no set formula on how much time is the “right” amount of time. Some people, who may have numerous job and family responsibilities, may not be able to set aside one hour daily. For a contemplative cloistered religious, one hour per day might not be enough. Try to think of it this way: God isn’t concerned with how much time we give, only that we give him all that we can. Similarly, Jesus said of the widow who gave to the treasury only two copper coins that she had given more than the rich who had given much because the rich had given from their disposable income while the widow had given all that she had (cf. Luke 21:1-4).

It is tempting to compare our prayer lives with others who seem far more advanced in the prayer life than are we, but this is indeed a temptation to despair that should be recognized for what it is and rejected. As another example, imagine a parent of a twelve-year-old and a six-year-old. Both children want to make a gift for their parent. The older child’s gift is going to be more well-made than the younger child’s, but both gifts will please their parent because they are made with love. And, in fact, often the less accomplished gift is the one that is considered “adorable” and is saved in childhood memory books. In the same way, our prayers may be less accomplished than those of saints, but they will please God if they are given in love.

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