Am I okay to take communion tomorrow?

Am I okay to take communion if I lusted? I want to know if I can take communion tomorrow.

You need to talk to your priest. Anonymous people on the internet are not able to tell you the state of your soul.


What Roland said.

In addition, Catholics “receive” Holy Communion, they do not “take” it.


Only your confessor can tell you this.

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I really don’t have any way to contact him right now.

I understand that that can be tricky.

Looking at the threads you created, there seem to be a lot of “is this a sin/am I in mortal sin/is this demonic?” questions. It sounds like you might be struggling with some deeper issues. There may also be some scrupulosity (always worth considering when someone has a lot of “is this a sin?” questions) in the mix.

What I would suggest you do is call the parish office and ask for an appointment with the priest. You may need to have a longer discussion about your spiritual life in general, not just about this specific question.

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I don’t really need you to tell me the state of my soul. I just need to know if lust is mortal sin.

I just need to know if lust is a mortal sin
Those other questions I asked have already been answered and I went to confession last week.

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