Am I on the right path?


I have been struggling for the past two months over my current path. I know that I am called to marriage and I am excited about that.
But recently there has been a certain guy in my life that I have come to pray for and about a lot.
What I am wondering is, do you think that God would show one person and let them know who their future spouse is to be before the opposite person is even ready to be in a relationship? I feel in many ways that God has shown me he is the one. But at the same time I’m scared to trust that feeling because I don’t want to be heartbroken if its not true.
I have prayed about this so much I just am not sure where to go next because I don’t want to get myself to worked up over something that’s not God’s will for me.

Obviously there are a lot more details to all of this but they won’t all fit :wink:


Best advice I can give you is DO NOT RUSH TO THE ALTAR. My wife and I were both in our thirties before we found each other. (first marriage for each of us too) Dating is about finding the exact person to be your spouse. It is a process. If you have two people you are interested in then you have more to discern. You do not want to have in the back of your mind any “what if(s)”.


There’s an enormously evil idea swirling around in our culture and infecting people.

It’s the idea that there is One Single Soulmate For You!

Bad idea. It’s comforting if one is single, since it offers some kind of hope to a single person.

However, it’s not correct. People are not radically, radically individualized. It’s much more likely that there are many young men out there, in America, who would be a great husband.

Going after a spouse with the mistaken Soulmate concept is a recipe for disaster: it makes one place all her emotional elements in one basket, an uncertain basket. Much better to realize that if this one doesn’t pan out, there are others out there.


I agree with both of the previous posters, but Captain America touched on a very important point.

Read this.


If you are going to married in the Catholic Church it is a Sacrament…A covenant between you, your spouse, and God. The two of you had better be certain that your love will last a lifetime. We are not talking about the throw away pseudo-marriages popularized by the secular world. Marriage is meant to last a lifetime. I personally don’t believe in the “soul-mate” concept. Enduring love between a man and a woman. Nurturing and growth of the family unit. Putting God first in our lives. Living our Catholic faith. You can’t go wrong there.


I do not agree with you on the soul mate thing because I believe God has someone out there for everyone (if called to marriage) and from their conception God knew they were going to be together. On the other hand I get what your saying about putting all your bread in one basket. I fully understand that marriage is a covenant between two people and God is meant to be in the center. What I guess I failed to specify is do you think that God would allow one person to feel a love so deeply without the other person feeling that same kind of love, love worthy of marriage!?


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