Am I praying the Liturgy of the Hours volume 3 for week 5 right?


I received the 4 volume set as a gift, and I’m still pretty new at it.
I have been working through volume 3 everyday thanks to people helping me here in this forum.
Yesterday I was at page 1263 Saturday, Week IV, and today I wanted to proceed for week V Sunday, but instead there are night prayers. Since I know that volume 3 continues till March 5th, and since I want to be on the same page as everyone, I wonder if week 5 starts again with week 1 that is page 688?
Can anyone give me a guideline what pages I have to read for Sunday, Feb 10th, 2019 for a full day so that I know how to proceed for the next few days till March 5th.


See the ordo online which will have all the readings and prayer cycle daily:


If you look at p. 168 in the Proper of Seasons, “Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time” , you’ll see that right below that heading there is a rubric that says “Psalter, Week I”. No matter what time of year it is, if you pay attention to the rubrics in the Proper of Seasons, there is never any question as to which week it is in the Psalter.


Also helpful:


Exactly. The Psalter has only four weeks and is cycled through repeatedly.


There is no Week V. The Psalter is over four weeks. After Week IV you go back to Week I except where certain liturgical dates determine another week should be used. It would be advisable to get a copy of your diocesan ordo. You can probably find it on your diocese’s website. It tells you which week of the Psalter you should be using. Also, check your parish’s weekly bulletin. Somewhere in the bulletin it will usually say which cycle of Sunday readings for Mass we are on, the cycle of readings for weekday Masses and the current week of the Psalter.

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