Am I ready to confess this!? Need some guidance!


I know I have asked you all for help in this area of my life before.

I am facing my confession tomorrow - and I am still feeling so unsure and I could really, really use some encouragement and guidance.

I am going to be confessing my sin of using contraceptives for the past five years. I am sorry for having used them and I understand what I did was bad. My husband have started NFP this week…I have many mixed feelings about giving this up to God, but I am taking it day by day.

The part that is killing me is the following:

I had an IUD in for just shy of a year - I know how an IUD works - it is purely an abortifacient. I feel as though it is necessary for me to come to terms with the fact that I could have killed my child(ren) - and I have not yet done this. In fact, as horrible as this is, whenever I think of it, I am happy that I do not have this child(ren).

(I really would rather not turn this into a dicussion about why I do not want children right now - that is between my husband, myself, and God)

I felt awful even typing it here - how am I going to say this tomorrow?!

I am just not sure if because of this, I am ready to confess yet.

Can someone please offer me some guidance or encouragement?!


Tell your priest exactly what you’ve told all of us here. He will help you with the confession and likely have some helpful spiritual guidance for you if you tell the whole story.


May God Bless you for you desire to receive his forgiveness! Please know that God is ready to forgive you of all of your sins!

I can understand the difficulty of your situation, and the mixed feelings you are having. Please be assured of my prayers!

As far as the effects of having an IUD, we will never really know if you had a child/children in your womb. I would recommend that when you go to confession tomorrow, tell the priest about your use of this device in addition to whatever other methods of birth control you and your husband were using. And explain your situation, and your feelings about this, with him.

As you prepare for your confession, ask the Holy Spirit to guide you in the confession, ask the Spirit to give you the strength to confess your sins with a humble and contrite heart. Also, pray that the Holy Spirit will be with the priest, that he will be given the wisdom necessary to help you in your time of distress.

If you would like to speak more of this, please feel free to private message me.

You will be in my prayers!

In Carmel,

Br. Allen



First, the practical advice: tell your priest what you’ve been thinking.

Now, the spiritual advice: it doesn’t matter how many times you rehearse the confession in your head, the moment you step in that confessional you’ve got to allow the Spirit to take over which may mean saying things you were *feeling *but not necessarily thinking. The Spirit is ready to help you to become cleansed…and you may find your confession to be more honest with both yourself and Him. This has been my experience, at least.


This is good advice, thank you.

I have an appt. set up with my priest and I have a good relationship with him - so I had always planned to be honest about my feelings - not just say what I am “supposed” to say.


I hope all is well, and you feel better after your confession.
God Bless You


I had my confession last night.

This is the second time that my confessor has told me that I “made his week” :smiley:

I feel 100x better - and I am filled with joy to be able to leave that in the past!

He was kind and caring, as usual, and helped me to give up the pain I had been feeling and lay it at God’s feet.

I feel like a new person - which I am sure we all do when we have difficult confessions.

Thank you all for your prayers and kind words :slight_smile:


Woo Hoo! Good for you. How blessed you are. You made my day too.



Praise God - I am so happy for you, Megan!


Praise be to God!!! I’m so happy for you and will continue to pray for you and your husband!




In Carmel,

Br. Allen


hmmm… To be honest, i can’t understand someone not wanting to have children (unless you were dirt poor or something)… but anyway…

If you really want my opinion… (and you may get angry to hear it)… This is very seroius sin; i pray you don’t change your mind about going to confession… Priests hear things like htis all the time…

What i wouldn’t do to be able to have children… I don’t know… i think young people / fertile people / married people… take such things totally for granted…

but anyway, i have probably said enough and now you are going to rip me apart…

(I’ll just offer it up for the Souls in Purgatory :smiley: )


I am confused…what you saying is my sin? The fact that I am happy about the results of me using the IUD? Me using the IUD? The fact I don’t want kids right now?

Also - my reasons for not wanting children right now are - as I said - between myself, my husband, and God.

As you see above - I did go to confession on Monday evening.


I just read your most recent post… so my last post is kind of moot…

(so maybe now you will refrain from ripping me apart… :smiley: )

anyway… I’m happy for you - i know the power of the confessional…

It is only a beginning, though… what many don’t fully realize (protestants) is that forgiven sins must also be expiated… here or in Purgatory…

What i like about the RCC is that there are SO many ways to do that (rosaries, time at the Blessed Sacrament, daily Masses, st. Jude novenas, works of charity, offering up sufferings in expiation, etc…)


sorry… i didn’t read that last one before posting… I think i am tired or soemthing… Please see Post #14


No worries! :thumbsup:


Yay Mrs Megan! That is awesome news! :slight_smile:

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