Am I responsible for my brother’s upbringing in the church?


I am the only serious catholic in my immediate family, my mother is non denominational, no father, my brother (he’s ten) was baptized catholic and has had first communion. Mom, my brother, and I live with our grandparents, and they are also my and my brother’s godparents. though Grandma is the only one besides me who goes to church she takes a more lenient view of things, such as not going to confession is fine as long as you talk to God, and other things. I am moving out soon, and I’m feeling guilty over the fact I haven’t encouraged my brother in the faith more, specifically going to church mostly for selfish reasons of mine, because Grandma and I always went to do things together after mass and if he was with us we couldn’t because he would tattle-tale. He doesn’t like mass and mom and Grandma said it was fine if he didn’t go, although he has promised to go in my place with Grandma at least once a month when I move to college because I asked him to, not that it will happen but it’s at least something. He doesn’t say prayers and is quickly turning into a troublemaker. Since I’m the only one who is really practicing, was it my responsibility to teach him? Will God hold me responsible if he loses his salvation in some way?


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