Am I 'Roman' Catholic?

I was baptized Roman Catholic while my father was in the Latin rite as well. I had first confession and communion in the RC Church. However, I was confirmed Byzantine as an infant. Not only was I raised in the Latin Rite, but also this is something that annoys me and I wish to be confirmed in the Latin rite. Am I Roman Catholic or Byzantine Catholic?

Unfortunately, when I asked my mother why she did this she said it was so that I could be confirmed earlier, and wouldn’t have to go to CCD longer.

Although the sacrament cannot be repeated, is there any kind of practice or official solution that the bishop could arrange which would make me officially Roman Catholic?

Also, because I was confirmed in the Eastern rite does this make me any less of the Latin rite?

I would like to be able to carry the title ‘Roman Catholic’ but am still unsure of what I am.

Dear PMV,

Since your father was a Latin rite Catholic at the time of your baptism, you are a Roman Catholic. But there is absolutely nothing inferior about being a Byzantine Catholic. Both are equally Catholic. These days there are many Roman Catholics who prefer the Byzantine Liturgy because it is performed with so much more reverence than the Roman Liturgy is in so many, many parishes!

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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