Am i sinning if i do that?

I plan to go to mass tomorrow with a bus and after the mass to ice cream. I know that nobody should work on Sunday, so am i sinning if i "support"the bus driver’s and ice cream seller’s work on Sunday?

The Church does not teach that.



See the Catechism on the Third Commandment.

If it were true I would be too scared to walk out the door on a Sunday in case I help someone sin.


work as in a job.

What about the unnessisary monetary exchange for the ice cream on a Sunday as well? I don’t know if these things are sinful or not but I think you’re better off not worrying about it.

There really is no problem doing that.The Church understands the situation for many who have no choice but work on a Sunday.

Doing some work on Sunday is necessary, so those who must work on Sunday are not sinning. Doctors, nurses, paramedics, utility workers, firemen, police officers, hotel workers, theater workers, retail workers, restaurant workers, etc, etc., etc., do not sin because they must work on Sunday to provide for themselves and for their families.

Yes, but this still does not mean it is acceptable in Gods eyes…remember God DOES NOT CHANGE, we do change and our society definitely changes over time, and I think most people assume God is OK with all of this just because society changes over time, but Im not so sure God does.

I think God would tell us ‘You are the ones who have changed and let your societies change, I did not change in anyway’.

The solution for so many working on Sunday is that if customers stay away from those buisnesses on Sunday, then the owners would have to close on Sunday. Then the workers would be free on Sunday to keep it as they should.

The followup question is “am I doing wrong when I buy ice cream on Sunday?” which is seperate from whether a worker has to work on Sunday to keep his job. I would say off hand “yes”. We should buy our ice cream on Saturday or some other day of the week. Ice cream is not important to our nutritional diet, in fact, it probably is a bad element for many.

I think that this would hold true for many other stores and shops as well, we should be doing our buying on some other day or evening of the week.

In all things let Jesus be glorified.

I like this. Good thought. I remember the days when nothing was open on Sunday. I don’t think those days will return in our society, but we as individuals can certainly make choices to put God and His commandments first on Sunday. With that in mind, I am revising my initial post in this thread.

Really? And I thought I was the only one. Misery loves company.

The Sabbath is made for man, not man for the Sabbath

sinful only if you order vanilla. :stuck_out_tongue: live a litte and order cookies and cream.

a lot of weird and bizarre threads on the forum today!

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