Am I sinning if I have to work on Sunday?

My employer (in insurance industry) is requesting future mandatory overtime to support incoming telephone contact from prospects who may interested in enrolling in the company’s plan offering. The overtime is beyond the regular workweek and extends to weekends and Sundays. I have, in the past, refused to work Sundays because I understand the Lord has indicated Sundays as a day of rest. The employer is becoming more forceful in requiring work on Sunday and I fear I may lose my job if I refuse the overtime on Sunday. I am perplexed with this situation. If forced to work on Sunday, am I sinning to stay in this job? Are there any legal ways I can avoid working on Sundays and still keep my current job?

Thank you.



The Church does not oblige you to risk losing your income by refusing to work on Sundays. It is not a sin if you have to work on that day. Be sure to attend Mass if possible. We are not equipped here to give legal advice.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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