Am I sinning if I watch certain tv shows or movies?

I’m not watching anything pornographic, of course. I rarely watch any R rated movies. I saw ‘The Kings Speech’ twice in the theater, actually. I didn’t even know it was rated R, until I actually looked it up. I think it only got an R rating because at one point the speech therapist asks him if he knows any swear words. They weren’t meant to be offensive. I think it was more for comedic affect, and to make the character loosen up a bit.

Anyway, here are some shows and movies I watch… Even though they never show anything, certain scenes may suggest premarital sex. If a movie happens to show the scene, I either skip over it or turn the channel for a few minutes.:

  1. How I Met Your Mother
  2. 27 Dresses
  3. The Notebook
  4. The Holiday
  5. Titanic
  6. Something’s Gotta Give
  7. Up In the Air
  8. The Time Traveler’s Wife
  9. Catch Me If You Can
  10. Meet the Parents
  11. Remember Me

I really enjoy those, but am I sinning because of the actions of a few characters? Or, even if I watch a movie with a wedding in it (that may not be in a church), is that a sin? Where do I draw the line? Should I even worry about this at all, since the actions in these movies/tv shows don’t influence me one bit? If I happen to be sinning by watching a film like Titanic, wouldn’t I be also sinning if I watched a film like RED, since they go around killing people because they’re on a hit list by the government? Even though Titanic includes a sex scene, I would think RED would be far worse, wouldn’t it? Plus, the sex scene in Titanic isn’t much of one. I recall a shot of Rose’s hand on the window… lol so, not seeing much there.

What do you think? :shrug:

it depends on what your faith is before you watch.Lets say you are solidly catholic.It wouldnt hurt but probably just be a waste of time or if you were trying to see the fallacies in the movie.

I think it has to do with how the material affects you. While swear words are not a good thing to listen to, as long as you don't pick up things like using God's name in vain or referring to people in derogatory terms they are not the worst evil on TV. The premarital sex thing is tricky. If you find it arousing or watch it around young audiences, I think it can lead to mental sins such as lust. In that case, maybe avoid those scenes like you mentioned. I didn't even know thinking lustful thoughts was a sin until I was in high school, so I felt super guilty at that point. Once you have knowledge, though, it empowers you to move forward. I love a lot of the shows and movies you listed, in addition I enjoy Harry Potter, Folkloric films (my husband and I very much interested in learning about the mythology that is a part of our heritages), Criminal Minds, and Law and Order SVU. I don't think that the actions of some characters make watching a particular film or show sinful, especially when those actions have consequences. It can then be sort of a teaching moment. I hope this helps!:confused: I am a lover of films, movies, and media, but view with caution and a pure heart.

The depiction of sin in media does not, in and of itself, make watching/listening to it sinful. The main question to ask is how watching it affects you. Does it lead you to sin or provide the occasion of sin? When you walk away from Titanic, you're probably not going to be thinking of how you could sure go for some unchastity. But then I can see how the nude scene (moreso than the hand on the window scene) would lead some guys to lust. I don't think that means one would have to pass on the whole movie, but one might want to hit the fast forward button and/or avert one's eyes.

I always like to add the caveat that, with media, we need to be on guard for a potential cumulative corrosive effect. Watching one scene of implied premarital sex probably will not have an impact, but perhaps watching many scenes of implied premarital sex each week over the course of several years will wear us down to the point where we think premarital sex isn't really that bad. Just look at how premarital sex and homosexual activity have received more and more social acceptance over the years. Personally, I think this slow cumulative effect of the media had a hand in this.

So, I would caution about being overly scrupulous, but I would also caution about being overly lax.

And when in doubt, ask a priest. :)

blah. i wish none of it was on. but, hey, that’s the world we live in, right?

We can affect the world we live in by not participating in it. By avoiding certain TV programs and movies. Right now, the media is hypersexualizing the culture. This is wrong. The average character template on TV is profoundly dysfunctional and engaged in sin. Look at Desperate Housewives - attractive people usually involved in sinful and scandalous behavior.

You should know that movies and TV shows are carefully planned. Producers and writers spend a lot of time deciding what viewers will see. Instead of love and romance, we get people living together and having sex. The cumulative effect is that such behavior is considered normal or average. Why get married when you can just live with another person and then pack your bags once the relationship goes stale?

The media is involved in teaching us about wrong ways to live and wrong ways to look at human beings.

The movie Red was violent but at least there was a sense of romance between Bruce Willis and his lady friend.


thank you ed. it really is sad/frustrating to think the media hypersexualizes everything. like we need more. like we need help with that. it's just frustrating that things have to be this way. i know this all sounds so simplistic, but why can't we all just want to please Our Lord? (not really looking for an answer here :))

The US Conference of Catholic Bishops has a good website that rates movies based on morality and artistic value.

I have used them as a guide to movie watching many times and, from reading reviews, have come to a better understanding of what can be troublesome in movies... and why.

Look up catholic movie reviews if you want the site.

I usually watch what I want if the subject interests me. I loved the Notebook, great movie. I don't like violent, horror or porn movies. Not interested in the subject.

Last movie I saw was I AM NUMBER FOUR

It was ok, I like super hero type movies and romances.

[quote="edwest2, post:6, topic:229311"]

The movie Red was violent but at least there was a sense of romance between Bruce Willis and his lady friend.


Is that a typo? I thought you were referring to "Reds" (plural, with an "s"), with Warren Beatty and Diane Keaton. One of the great American movies - which was screened at the White House for President Reagan - not a comic-book adaptation for 12-year old boys.

[quote="mary1967, post:5, topic:229311"]
blah. i wish none of it was on. but, hey, that's the world we live in, right?


Yes, it's the world we live in but we can't be passive. We shouldn't think, "Oh, that's not so bad." Then it only gets worse.

We all need real limits. We need to draw the line.


[quote="havana1, post:10, topic:229311"]
Is that a typo? I thought you were referring to "Reds" (plural, with an "s"), with Warren Beatty and Diane Keaton. One of the great American movies - which was screened at the White House for President Reagan - not a comic-book adaptation for 12-year old boys.


I included the name Bruce Willis so there would be no confusion.


There are certainly some movies that would lead me to sin if I watched and enjoyed them.
A stable person can listen to The White Album by the Beatles and enjoy it, a nutcase will take it as an invitation to commit mass murders. Movies that show animals and children being abused bring out my sense of vengeance and I really want to kill off the perps.
That may lead me to advocating Capitol Punishment.

Forbidden fruit always tastes sweet at first, if a person has been properly guided and loved in life I don't think that it's wise to forbid them to read or see or listen to anything, that's only going to entice them we are a curious species, much like cats. I don't see that as sinning, I see that as experimentation, learning, and hopefully, once curiousity has been satisfied anything that degrades women, anything that encourages unloving behavior, would be cast aside by the viewer, the listener, the reader by their own free will.

I have a friend who "feels dirty" if he watches movies in the afternoon, I don't.

I loved Downton Abbey, Glee, American Idol and the Tony awards. When Mad Men comes back I'll watch and enjoy it, and the same thing goes for the new Upstairs Downstairs. As I've mentioned elsewhere, the movie The Social Network completely intrigued me. I also love the old musicals, South Pacific, Guys and Dolls, The Pajama Game...and Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. If I didn't have some Gay male friends I wouldn't have anyone to watch movies with!

Personally, if a married couple wants to watch porn I don't see a problem with it but then the issue comes up ...are they hurting the actors who probably are not happy or leading
satisfactory lives by purchasing or renting such movies? Hugh Hefner SEEMS happy, but
doesn't he use and abuse young woman to feed his ego? And can he make a woman happy? I said "A" woman? His relationships with women don't last.

[quote="Freeda, post:13, topic:229311"]

Personally, if a married couple wants to watch porn I don't see a problem with it


The Church does, and Jesus Christ does.

If a married couple wants to watch porn, they have problems that go deep.

Well if you watch Two 1/2 Men Charlie Sheen might grant you an be avoided at all :D:p:cool:

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