Am I still a Catholic?

My dad is Catholic and my mom is a Protestant; I was raised Catholic and attended a Catholic school as a child. Shortly after my first communion year, my parents couldn’t afford the tuition and my brothers and I were pulled out of the school. I don’t really remember if we attended Mass or not after we left the school and I changed schools three more times in the next three years (all in different states- my mom joined the military). I went back to church on base when I was about 11 and religious education, but I don’t remember if it was Catholic or not. When we moved again my parents stopped bringing us to church so I never received confirmation in the Church. I pretty much abandoned my faith as a teen and as a young adult went back and forth between Catholicism and atheism. About a year ago I experienced a powerful conversion and have since been studying Catholicism in depth and really absorbing everything about God and the faith. I felt convicted to become confirmed, but I recently found out that the church I was baptized in was a Protestant church per my mom’s wishes. Can I honestly call myself a Catholic? I’ve received one sacrament in a Protestant church and another in the Catholic Church. How hard is it to get this situation fixed?

I would presume that when you received your First Communion in the Catholic Church that you were received into the Church at that time. They would have required your baptismal certificate and would have seen that you were baptized in a Protestant community. So I would presume that you were received into the Catholic Church at the time of your First Communion and thus would still be considered Catholic.

In my opinion, you’re a Catholic who simply never received confirmation.

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