Am I still considered Catholic?


I was raised Catholic until I was probably ten or so. I was baptized and such but my family stopped going to Mass, honestly because of schedules. I agree with the Catholic teachings and want to be considered a part of the Church again, but I don’t know I am. Am I still allowed to participate in Holy Communion? Either way I am planning on talking to the priest at my old church, but I just wanted to know where I stood on my label as a Catholic?


Assuming that you did not formally defect from the faith, yes, you are still considered Catholic, although lapsed through no fault of your own. If you completed the initiatory sacraments – baptism, First Communion, confirmation – all that is strictly necessary is that you go to confession. That said, because you were not given a complete Catholic religious education, your priest may suggest that you receive instruction, either privately or in RCIA. Completing such instruction would be a good idea so that you can become more grounded in your Catholic faith.

If you have not completed the initiatory sacraments, your priest can explain to you how to go about doing so. Many parishes will ask you to do so through RCIA, but you can also do so through private study with a catechist or independent study, after which you will be assessed for readiness by your priest. Your priest will let you know how he usually handles such cases.

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