Am I still married ?

I regrettably divorced my husband of 33 years to move to another state with another man. Having discovered what a mistake I made after just one week, I made arrangements to end the that relationship and move back near my family. I begged my husband for forgiveness and he forgave me. Unfortunately, after the divorce , his family placed him in a nursing home in a different state because they did not want to care for him. I was 75 and he was 84 years old. I consider us still married, because I do not believe the civil divorce ended our sacramental marriage. He feels the same way. Because of both of our disabilities, it is not possible for us to live in the same place together again, even though we both want to. Am I not still married in the eyes of God and the church ?

Dear friend,

Yes, the Church considers that you are both still validly married to each other. You both are in our prayers.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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