Am i suppose to do something?

I have an aunt that left the catholic church, and I want to bring her back in. The thing is I suspect my parents may get mad at me, I am the only one in the household that takes the faith seriously. What am I suppose to do if my parents tell me to stop?

Johnny, as your aunt was raised Catholic, she most likely knows the seriousness of leaving the Church.
There may not be a lot you can do, but do pray for her. The grace to touch her soul and to rnew her faith must come from God.
Continue to be the good Catholic example that you are to your family.
Saint Francis wrote, “preach always, and if necessary, use words”, because he knew that our best way of ‘preaching’ is to give good example.
It can take years before someone returns to the Faith, but your responsibility is to be the good Catholic, the good and kind person you try to be.

God bless you dear Johnny.

I agree very much with the previous poster. Perhaps you should start with your own parents. Try just asking if they’ll go to Church with you. Or, tell them you’d like to lead grace before your meal. If they agree, great! If not, keep praying, say your blessing quietly to yourself, and give them a good example of Catholicism in action.


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