Am I the only one that finds this annoying?

There is a kid at my school who is very into drugs, sex, and is regularly vulgar, which is visible through his words and actions. Yet, he has a tattoo of a cross with the Blessed Mother inside of it. He claims to be ultra religious, yet the way he acts is not very convincing.

I feel like I am the only one that this annoys?

It would annoy me too if I were exposed to it regularly…

Such things really are annoying so do not feel alone.

Did you ask him why he got that tattoo and what it means to him?


I wouldn’t criticize the guy for his religiosity…Believe it or not in spite of his outward behavior (the sex, the drugs, the vulgar language) he still places his roots in the church, I think that in spite of the bad things that you pointed out about this guy, you should look at his little religiosity and identity with the church as a small flame or spark that is still burning for love of God. From what you wrote I would actually have great hope for a conversion for someone like this. Don’t criticize the guy, or be annoyed with him. Through many prayers, God can make even the smallest amount of love grow.

For a while a few years ago, kids around here wore Rosaries as jewelry. I would comment very perkily, ask if they were Catholic, if they prayed the Rosary, offer to get them a copy of the prayers.

Oddly enough, the kids stopped wearing the Rosary as jewelry…

Anyway, you might be able to use his idea that he is religious to help him. When he uses some bad language, ask him if he thinks that the Blessed Virgin would like to hear one of her children speak like that? See if he has a Rosary, invite him along with you to Mass and/or Confession if you are in a position to do that.

But make it very light! be more inviting than admonishing–who knows what his religious training has been, what his situation is.

And of course, pray for him, esp when he’s particularly annoying.

try to use the tattoo as a entry point to speaking about the Gospel.

But also try to look at it like this: not all religious people are holy. A lot of times, I think people consider religious and holy to be the same, but they are not. For example, there have been many religious criminals throughout history. Just because they are criminals doesn’t make them any less “religious,” just makes them less holy.

Hope this helps.

God Bless.

He needs our prayers. With the help of the prayers hopefully a suggestion about not using bad language may help. No doubt he does that for attention…or he may hear a lot of talk like that from his family.


You know the bible phrase,which escapes me,

Which goes along the lines, separate the wheat from the husks ,
Well you decide for yourself which you think you both are,
I think your the wheat, the other is not

 Be strong in your faith,,,,,God Bless

Then he is one step further than Saint Augustine was…!

I understand why it might annoy you, but at the very least there’s something holding him to the Church, even though he may act in a way that is unwise. I really think you ought to avoid thinking too much about him, or you will find yourself plummeting into sins of bitterness and those uncharitable. Maybe offer a prayer for him every so often. Like today.

Try not to be bothered. When you see the tattoo, think to yourself, “it is because she is worthy! Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us, convert us, save us!”

Can’t really say that I have a big problem with that kid although I’d understand why it could be annoying. What I don’t get is a few years ago I saw a man walking with his shirt off. Over his heart he had a tattoo of a crucifix but when he turned around he had a giant tattoo on his back giving you the middle finger that that “F*** You” underneath it.

You should be annoyed. Hypocrites are always annoying. They annoyed Jesus big time.

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