Am I the only one who found The Sims 3 trailer somewhat offensive?

I know, games where you control anyone can be argued for playing the role of God, however the way they word it in the commerical made me pick up my head and squint in disgust. I understand it’s only a game lol, but I just found that the way they portrayed The Sims 3 is just a bit over the edge.

I play games where you recruit and control all of your civilization (Medieval Total War 2), but nothing like this.

Post with your thoughts

I’ve been a fan of the Sims since it first started, really. I just got my copy of the Sims 3 today, but I have to wait until I get a new computer because I do not have the proper requirements to run the game.

With that aside, I don’t think this is offensive, really. We, in real life, have free will. In the sims, this is possible too, but I have never met a simmer who likes free will. It’s more fun to take control of a sim and make them interact with others, study to get a promotion, go to a clothing store, etc. Sims don’t make these decisions- you do. Now, in RL if you wanted to go to a movie, etc, that’s YOUR decision, not God’s. Sims 99.9% of the time will not have free will.

In ways, you are sort of like a God. But in my view, you really aren’t that much of one. I don’t think God would remove a pool ladder so that you eventually drowned. And, you guessed it, in the Sims, thats one way to kill a sim. So that’s evil. God isn’t evil.

I like that game until I find out the cheats.

It’s more on a promotional advertisement than serious because this is their way of making their game stand out from others. It’s a little offensive if you think of yourself as “God” but really it’s like a complex version of a doll house,

Exactly! I always thought of the Sims as a doll house I would actually play with.

I really didn’t like the glorification of sin in that advertisement :frowning:

Which trailer did you watch?

The trailer where people are walking around in their underwear, and looting a house.

I don’t think anyone here likes it, but I am surprised that it shocked you, considering the culture of sin that we live in…almost everything glorifies sin in one way or another nowadays…

I think God has a sense of humor… it’s not TERRIBLY bad. But… the problem that stands out most in my mind is where is the version of the commercial that tells us we can play allah? What if I want to see a commercial that tells me I can play a Hindu god as well? Why is Christianity once AGAIN singled out for this “humor”?

Because they know who the real God is. :slight_smile:

Because that’s more of the founding God in this country. If it was in a country with Hindu god, then I suppose they would use him there.

I turn free will off in my Sims games cause well…the sims never took care of their crying babies or washed their hands or did anything they were supposed to…in the original game they would just open the fridge and eat all the time (For me anyway).

I have yet to get Sims 3 and I don’t even know if my computer will run it, but its on sale next week @ Target and I’ll get a new desktop eventually so I may pick it up.

I make large Sim families…they’re all Catholic Sims. :wink:

Only problem is they don’t have bunk beds so its hard to fit 5 kids in a small house when you have a limited amount of $imoleans.

They never said “God” they said “creator” which is something quite a few deities have claimed in the past.

That being said, I think a polytheistic universe would be more fun to fiddle with,

“Gah! Ra is converting all my followers! I need to send a plague/prophet/whatever.”

This all reminds me of the question asked by Steven D. Greydanus

I remember as a high-school student asking my father, “If you had to pick somebody other than God to be God, who would you pick?”

I expected him to name some very holy person, some personal hero or great saint. Instead, after a moment’s reflection, he replied thoughtfully, “I would pick a genocidal nihilist who would instantly obliterate all existence.”

Theologically speaking, the question was absurd and meaningless; but the answer, I think, contained profound insight. God is both the source and the goal of our being, the meaning as well as the master of our lives. Imagine reality without God, and life becomes meaningless; imagine divine omnipotence at the disposal of anything other than divine love, and existence becomes infinite horror.

I’ve been watching videos of building homes in Sims - it’s kind of limited to 64x64, or 128 feet by 128 feet - less if you consider zoning codes for residential homes. Don’t they have washers and dryers? Do they have churches in the game (I could see some problems with that, though, which is probably why game companies rarely mix religion into their games)? The thing I don’t like about it is some of the trailers I’ve seen (one had two sims on a couch tossing their clothes off and well…). The thing that concerns me is that I don’t know just how much it shows…

Another curious thing, what if your sim family doesn’t have enough room for all of their kids? Do they share a bed? (My grandmother’s six brothers had to do that).

I don’t know about Sim 3 but none of the Sims I have has a church. No washer or dryers either. They don’t show much in regard to the sex scenes. They blur all of that out. However, that is why the game has a teen rating instead of for everybody. As far as sleeping arrangements go. If there are too many Sims and not enough beds then you have to work the schedules where they take turns sleeping. Otherwise they will pass out on the floor and sleep there.

Simcity, on the other hand, does have churches. In fact they encourage you to build them as it helps improve the mood of the sims living in your town. I have both sets (Simcity and The Sims) and go back and forth playing them. I have been in the Simcity mode for a while now but all this talk about the Sims has me breaking my games back out to play. :slight_smile:

For the record I also turned off the free will mode for the reasons listed by pp. Not only would they eat all the time but they would go to the bathroom all the time and never did anything beyond eating and going to the bathroom. It really gets annoying. :rolleyes:

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