Am I the only one who has accumulated hundreds of Catholic and other religious books over the years?

Am I the only one here at CAF who has accumulated hundreds of Catholic and other religious books (mostly Catholic in my case) over the years? These are the only ones my wife lets me keep in the house, the rest are in boxes in the shed.

For the record… all of the books shown are Catholic books only…and I’ve actually read nearly all of them. Some I use mostly for research and as reference material.

I’m glad the mod’s deleted the first pic. I didn’t mean for it to be so large… my phone tends to do that… Here is a smaller copy… Edit - oops, I guess the first pic is still up… please remove…

I’ve got a bad habit of buying too many books, a lot them Christian. Unlike you I don’t read some of them, or only part read them. I often don’t pay much for them - it’s surprising the stuff you can get in charity shops at times.

I’ve probably got more Protestant books than Catholic unfortunately, partly because there’s no Catholic Bookshop in easy reach. I suspect Protestants do more reading than Catholics, going by what I see when I compare the activity level in the Protestant and Catholic shops.

No, you’re not the only one. :o

Of course you are not the only one! As of 2011, I counted 656 titles on my bookshelves, all with Christian themes, the great majority Catholic, and quite a few Orthodox too. I justify my obsession by telling myself I am keeping Catholic and religious publishers in business.

I’ve accumulated quite a few books - read part or all of most of them - and I will probably continue to add to this collection. For many years, I had a 2-hour daily work commute, so I began to add audiocassettes to my library. I never counted them, but I’d guess I’ve accumulated at least 500 cassettes. The only problem is that it’s more time-consuming to locate specific information on a cassette.

I don’t know how many are religious-based, or how many are written from a RC, or other standpoint, but my total book accumulation is in the 25,000 range.

That includes a lot of books on religion.



I hope the peace of holy God becomes yours
God bless

You having a sale?

If me, no, but I am still buying.

Given some away, over the years.


I have as well.

Good for you for filling your mind with good things. The world would be much better if we all did so.

As for me, being rather new to God and faith most of my books are secular but, thankfully, not tawdry.

Same here, but I’m adding Catholic titles. :slight_smile: The latest additions should arrive from Amazon soon.

I have read hundreds myself but I give them away, often leaving them at church. At one time I subscribed to 5 different Catholic magazines but only one of them is still in print.

Most of my Christian books have been Catholic. Some were pretty bad and threw away rather than passing them on. But on the other hand there were very few Protestant books which I liked. And I was once a Protestant.

The only thing about all that reading is that it has taken a toll on my eye sight. I haven’t read an entire book in over a year now because I need a stronger prescription for my glasses and won’t able to get them for a couple more months… due to cost… I just remembered, I did read a book a couple months ago, it wasn’t a religious book though, it was more of a historical book and only had a couple hundred pages… . Aslo, I like charity shops and old, used books stores.
Thank you for your post.

My parish priest just got reassigned across the country (now he’s the rector of a seminary). I helped him pack up his library . . . .

I bet his library makes yours look like a middle school summer reading list.

Reading has become more difficult on the eyes. I like ebooks for the fact that I can blow up the font to a reasonable size. Which is something like this. But the constant bright screen is the trade off.

That’s funny… Wow, that’s a lot, I think more than I have. I need to go out to the shed and check. I have been gradually sneaking books back into the house. Sometimes I feel like a Catholic book hoarder. Maybe that could be could the next reality TV show. I bet you that there are people out there who’s entire house are just filled with Catholic books. I like getting mine online from Catholic sites for the same reason you do. I also like to buy them from an abbey near my home and that’s cool, because a priest works in the store. He knows where everything is and he always recommends good books. We have become friends over the years because of all my time in the abbey book store. It’s like sensory overload when you first walk into the place,. They have a ton of books, so it’s nice when someone knows where they all are.

I bet it does… but does he get a free box of crayons with his books? (jk)

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