Am I the only one who hasn't read The DaVinci Code?

LOL…I might be, I think. :o

I bring this up, because I went to Borders today to buy a Scott Hahn book (yay, I love his writing!) and saw a large display of this book–AGAIN. Is it making a come back or something? I noticed a new book of his and didn’t bother to look at it.

As a Catholic if you have read it, I think it can help perhaps to see how to defend our faith. But, I just don’t feel like supporting Dan Brown’s bank account anymore than it already has been supported by all of this hype.

Anyways, my son brought this book up recently, and asked me why I didn’t read it…and I explained the same thing to him, as I explain here to you all. He said, I ‘should’ read it so I can defend our faith better. I dunno, is he right on that?

I remember when this book first hit the market, and the stir it caused, and how some seemingly devout Christians started doubting their faith? :frowning:

I just was curious, if I’m one of the few who has never read this, and if you read it, did you feel outrage, or did you just view it as another work of fiction, written by an opportunist? :confused:

I’ve never read the DaVinci Code either. So you’re in good company.

…or we’re both in bad company :stuck_out_tongue:

(However I have seen bits and pieces of the movie on TV when I’ve been flipping channels.)

As to whether or not it is useful to read such books for defending the Faith… I think that could be true if you are well versed in the teachings of Catholicism, are knowledgeable on accepted New Testament books versus rejected books, and often have to deal with people who espouse the ideas promoted in the DaVinci Code.

I read it as a book of fiction. I read a lot of things. I don’t know how strong one’s faith would be to begin with if this book caused them to doubt their faith - just my take on it. I had heard that too, but really, to me it was a book of fiction. Just because I read something doesn’t mean I believe it or support the information in it. :D;)

A retired librarian that hasn’t read either of Dan Brown’s books. How about sticking together?

I have never read it and have no intention to do so.

I think you saw the display because the next movie, Angels and Demons, is out now, so they are probably expecting the usual flurry of excitement over the whole thing again. :rolleyes:


Oh yippee–I’m not alone! :D:thumbsup:

Melonz, you’re funny…yes, let’s all stick together…

Catholics against Davinci Code–UNITE! :smiley: :knight2::knight2::knight2:

I haven’t read The DaVinci Code either. :shrug: I want to, though. :slight_smile: Unfortunately, I’ve got quite the reading list; and if that wasn’t enough, I feel a little homesick from my beloved Nathaniel Hawthorne, Edgar Allan Poe, and other fictional works that I miss so much. :frowning:

These religious books are great, but they’re killing me! :eek:

Ironically Yours, Blade and Blood

I’ve never read it either. And don’t plan on it.

I haven’t read it either, nor am I interested in reading anything he writes. We are in good company!!

I am mad at Dan Brown, though - his main character is Robert Langdon - Langdon is my maiden name - how dare he !!! :rolleyes:

S’funny. I am not a librarian, but I did read both of Brown’s Robert Langdon novels, borrowed from the public library to avoid putting any money into his pocket. :wink: (I have not read his other)

I read them so I could see for myself what a load of tripe they were. I now understand why they are popular*. I have yet to understand how a moderately intelligent person could believe a word of them. :shrug:

(* He is not a novelist; he is a panderer)


That first book, or the reading of it by an ignorant “Catholic”, was the catalyst for the creation of Saint Michael’s Media. The founder of the apostolate, Michael Voris, was talking with a woman who was a self proclaimed cradle Catholic. She was reading the book and was starting to fall for it (with a total lack of proper catechisis, why not) and saying things like - what difference does it make if Jesus had sex and was married?:eek: Well, Michael had a fit, and vowed he was going to do something about it. His initial plan was to do a documentary show rebuffing the book, but that idea blossomed into an amazing apostolate that has been spreading the TRUTH of the Church for three years now!!

From little things like this come big things if we are passionate enough!

So yes!!! Catholics against DaVinci Code–UNITE!!! :knight2:


I have read it. you are not missing a thing. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m with you, Liza. I didn’t see the movie, read the book, and won’t read any of his writings. I believe they may be harmful to someone whos faith is in trouble or weak. Do yourselves a favor and leave it alone.

FTR. *That first book *(The Da Vinci Code) is Brown’s fourth novel. *Angels & Demons *was his second, and only achieved a wide reading following the publication of The Da Vinci Code.

He has written two other novels (neither chronicling the exploits of John Langdon nor read by me) and has a fifth due to drop at any moment (which, following the commercial success of The Da Vinci Code, is likely to feature Langdon).


I don’t think that I would consider Dan Brown’s books to be religious. If you are going to read it, read it as a fictional work not as a religious work.:slight_smile:

I did pick up the book and skim through it. It struck me as poorly written. If I am going to read a poorly written work, I want something that is at least not insulting my faith. Or if I was going to read something that insults my faith, it has to be well written.:stuck_out_tongue:

No, I haven’t read it. I’ll admit I watched the movie but that was only because we watched it as a class. I decided not to read it once my position as the “resident Catholic” at my school became terrible when everyone asked me if I practiced corporal mortification! :shrug: (Like the dude in the movie, I guess) I just told ‘em I kept my cat o’ nine-tails right next to my relics! :smiley:

Interesting replies, everybody. :slight_smile:

I agree, that normally I’d treat this as any work of fiction. I’m not a prude-ish reader…but, where Christ is mentioned, I don’t like how Brown creates this facade of history…just enough to make those ‘on the fence’ with their faith, doubt. I don’t believe Dan Brown is a bad guy, but I don’t want to make someone rich by misrepresenting Christ, even if it is just to be literarily playful.

I do agree with the poster who commented that if you leave your faith over this book, the foundation of which your faith was built on, was obviously shaky to begin with…this book might have just teetered you over the edge. I was surprised to read that several years ago when the book came out, that people were actually doubting Christianty over this book??:frowning:

Is literarily a word? :ehh:


Religious or not, I still want to read it.

Ironically Yours. :heart:

I haven’t read it…but I don’t think our monks are usually albino satanic murderers (as portrayed in the game/movie comercials)

:newidead: our motto? Down With Brown!!!

Anti-Browns rally to us!:wave:

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