Am I the only SAD sack here?



Sometimes I wonder if I’m the only one who gets SO sluggish, depressed and off-kilter during the fall and winter. It seems especially bad when we enter the time change… HELLPP! It’s getting dark early!

Duz Not Want.

Is there anything I can do other than hibernate and wait for spring?


That extra hour of sleep has me feeling like the energizer bunny!!

Get out and enjoy the glorious painting God produces every autumn - the colors are breathtaking. The cool crisp air, the way the sunlight is at a different angle and it makes everthing seem gloden. Crisp fall apples, bonfires (YEAH) - and soon the wonderful preparation of Advent.

I get a bit of the winter blues, in those grey days at the end of Jan and through Feb… But fall is beautiful!!


Oh, no you’re not! I’m not sure if I have SAD per se, but I definitely feel sluggish in fall and winter. Usually I rely on chocolate, but last year I was able to soak up the sun for a couple of months (I purposefully sat outside for a couple of hours every day) and it carried me through January, then in Feb and Mar I ran out of my stockpile of sunshine. Unfortunatley this year time passed by too quickly.

I know some people who go to a tanning booth, even if it’s just for 5 minutes a week or so, and it helps them stay alert and happy through winter.


I do the tanning booth for about 5-10 minutes every week.
It makes a world of difference, for me at least.


I absolutely HATE fall and winter…

I HATE cold weather
I HATE holidays (not the holidays per se, the fact that I can’t do them perfect and everything is rushed and not about what they are supposed to be about)
I hate cold weather because in the fall, winter and early spring, I gag and dry heave if I go outside within an hour of eating… can’t go to dinner or lunch with anyone but family… sometimes I gag when I haven’t eaten too… just going out in the cold tenses me up enough to make me heave.
I hate driving in bad weather
I hate being stuck inside
I hate the lack of exercise
I hate shoveling

Did I mention I hate Fall and winter???


I love Autumn (It’s Autumn, not Fall)!!! It is my favorite time of the year!!! It’s sweaters, and apples, and burning leaves where not prohibited by law, and harvest, and hay, and nuts…:extrahappy:

And then, when I’m not looking comes

W i n t e r .


Oh the first snowfall is fine, and I am fond of Christmas. Then, the pretty white snow turns to gray slush, and I slip on some ice, and nobody else will shovel, and the snow blower breaks down, and it’s gray, and dank, and the sun doesn’t shine for days at a time.

Then, it’s either a sunlamp or a cave until

S p r i n g .


Look for one of those special lights for those who suffer from SADD. I know I do much better here in NM where we might get some snow or rain or cloudy days but the day never ends without a bit of sunshine coming through!

I like the fact that the sun is up now at 6:30 instead of 7:30 although it will indeed be back to 7:30 soon and later but by then the days start to get longer again.

Like BlestOne I used to hate this time of the year but that was when I lived in a part of the world where it did get cold (you know, down parka, layered over wool sweater layered over…) Yuk.

Here, I can look down in the valley and see the cottonwoods changing colors, it is so beautiful and I still get some sun.

Brenda V.


writes down part about chocolate

Oh, I love autumn and winter—it’s just that I get… sooo… sluggish… :yawn:

I’ll have to remember the sunlight thing too. Sun GOOOOOOOD.


I enjoy fall and winter. I was already talking to a friend tonight about toboganning. I like being able to be comfortable. I have no AC in my apartment, so in the summer I roast. In the winter, I can always wear layers of clothing and be comfortable. I’m also looking forward to putting lights on the spruce tree in my mom’s yard! :extrahappy:


My advisor has one of those sunlight spectrum lamps on his desk. He swears by it. If I can find out where he bought it I’ll pass on the info.


I don’t know if I have that problem in any clinical sense, but I can become sad from lack of light without noticing and my mother has the same, except she notices it. Some people are similarly affected by hunger or cold. Oh, and yes, lack of sleep can cause unhappiness. Serotonin levels are affected by how much you sleep and if you sleep too little, your organism may be blocked from releasing the “hormone of happiness”.


I am the opposite. I love the fall and spring. I live in a tourist town In the mountains. During the fall and winter I have the trails to myself.


That would explain a lot. I haven’t slept since April of 06.



I’ve got a friend who has SAD (I actually have it too) and she uses the tanning bed and it works wonders for her. You can also get a “natural light” lamp (they sell for between $30-$50) the same friend has one and it works for her as well.

For me, it’s like the minute I get home from work I have to get in my “jammies” :blush: - and I feel ready for bed at about 7pm. I just kind of muddle through it and pray for an early spring.


You should come on down to Florida…it’s sunny every day here. (almost) I just moved here from PA–and I too had the winter blues while living there.:frowning: But, I do believe the sunshine helps me to stay upbeat and smiley…however, I sometimes miss the change of seasons…but it’s been in the 50’s here during the mornings…that’s crisp enough for me.:smiley:

But, a way to beat the blues…go for a walk outside, or exercise indoors…the endorphin rush helps raise the seratonin levels in your brain, not being stimulated by as much sunlight as you would normally get during the summer. :twocents:


I struggle with it too. I love fall and winter but I get terribly sad and more prone to stress. Right now, I just want to cry for no reason. I hate it when the sun goes away:(


:crying: :hug1:

And I have an Invisible Friend going through the same thing now.


**Before I had a baby I used the tanning salon to get me through the VERY LONG autumn/winter/spring times here (not to mention COLD)… now I just don’t have the time or energy to get there. I have thought about getting one of those lamps…

does anyone know if they make light bulbs for general use in any household fixture that would work the same way???



I thought I saw the light bulbs once but in my quick search of the internet I didn’t see anything but it was a really quick search so …

Brenda V.


Yes, you can get all kinds of natural light lightbulbs. There are sunlight fluorescent bar lights designed for indoor gardening, too.

What I did (as advised by an Alaskan online) was to buy them in the form of some of those low-energy using lightbulbs. The normal color of lightbulbs is more red, and the sunlight bulbs are more blue. I bought some of both, so as to mix the colors more gracefully.

I have all sunlight bulbs in a lampstand close to my bed and bathroom, so that I can “wake up” right away. My ceiling light is a regular bulb.

I would buy some pretty bright sunlight bulbs, if I were you, but place them where you don’t have them glaring straight at you. There’s bright, and then there’s blinding!

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