Am I too sinful to talk to God?


Hi, I’m new here, but I needed to ask something… I’ve made out with my boyfriend, and it went a further than I had intended. It wasn’t sex, I definitely wouldn’t’ve allowed that, but he did touch me intimately. Since today’s Monday, I guess I have to wait until Saturday to confess, though you might not answer til then… but until Saturday though, am I… too dirty to pray to God? Please help. I feel so stupid for not being strong enough, and I wonder why I wasn’t… I want to say I’m sorry, but… it just sounds so inadequate… please help… I don’t know what to feel or think or say.


Although sin does mar the soul, it is forgiven as soon as you repent. Since you have obviously repented, you are not “dirty” and God certainly hears your prayers and forgives you. For Catholics, repentance means following up with sacramental confession as soon as possible, but please rest assured that you are forgiven in the meantime.

I strongly encourage you to find out more about chastity so that mistakes such as the one you made do not happen in the future. You can find lots of good information about how to remain pure at Catholic Answers’ chastity outreach project titled Pure Love Club. God bless.

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