Am I wrong about this non-denominational youth group?

Hello, I just joined, because, my 12 year old daughter was invited to a non denominational “youth group” by a neighborhood friend. I think perhaps this “church” is anti catholic, even though this family has never said anything to me or the kids about our Catholic religion.

My daughter really wanted to go, but I said no. Both my husband and my daughter think I’m wrong. Saying is basically a good wholesome way to spend some time.

My reasons for her not going are numerous… but beginning with… she is too young to understand anti catholic statements and ending with… her being “saved”. :rolleyes: She has received all of her sacraments and attends catholic school.

What is your opinion, and is there a “reason” or any doctrine to suggest to my husband that it’s just not a good idea. Or am I wrong.

Thanks for listening and reading! There are some amazing questions and answers on this site!


Dear Mrs,

I’m with you. If there isn’t a Catholic youth group, then stay home. I would not want my child to come under religious influences that differ from my own—especially if I were not present. This is not a minor matter. What is more important than our Catholic faith?

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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