Am I wrong in my understanding of this hour of adoration?

Should we allow people(coming to church for mass specially or nite time visits for couple of minutes) to visit the Adoration Chapel when we have designated adorers at those hours? Isn’t the purpose to keep the vigil for 24/7 1hr designated adorers not string of 5-10-15 minutes visits & leave? We are given a guideline to talk, meditate, read or sit in silence for an hour until the next coverage comes in. But if we are bombarded constantly by ringing of the bell to let them in, to me it defeat the purpose of the adoration chapel. I know we have to share but Jesus also shows us we need time & place to be alone with him. Am I wrong in my understanding of an hour of adoration?


What is wrong is having to ring a bell to get in during the day. At night it makes perfect sense to lock the door. But during the day it shouldn’t be necessary unless your church is in a very dangerous neighborhood.

The point of 24 hour adoration is adoration of the Lord. The more people who can participate, the better!

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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