Am I wrong or does this sound like the Catholic approach to evangelizing?

I recommend the book written by Carl Medearis called “Tea with Hezbollah” where he travels to find from people of different faiths answers to the question, “Who is my neighbour?” in reference to the gospel (Luke 10). They visit with the likes of Hezbollah, Hamas, and the Samaritans, to discover the things that divide and the things that unite. It’s a fascinating story. (non-fiction).

In regards to the Catholic Approach to evangelism is clearly laid out in several encyclicals and Letters, such as Caritas In Veritate.

We are all called to evangelize, in a way, using the gifts that God has given us. I have a temperament which is not argumentative. I run from arguments. I much prefer to be hospitable, or in the case of a phone call I just finished, to pray for a deceased husband and her family. I try to be salt and light, because there is a lot of darkness out there. Many people don’t want to hear about God when all is going well in their life, but they do reach out when things are in trouble and for some reason, (and I’m sure this happens to many of you) they will ask you specifically for prayers, because in their minds, you have an “in with God”. I will joyfully say to them, “Well, sweetheart, lets pray together, because, if it’s been a while for you, God’s really going to sit up and take notice!”

I think the more we love and live our faith, the more we evangelize. That’s how I got here in the first place. A beautiful couple, shining with love and friendship, who wore their Catholic faith on their sleeve, made me want what they had. Simple as that.

Love and Blessings!

This article just made think of this movie, I have started to watch “Of Gods and Men”. I just see how these men lived within the Muslim community and where loved. I would think many of the villagers converted to Christianity either outright with a public statement or at least they converted inside themselves. It is by the light that we shine forth that converts, because that light is really a reflection of Jesus’ light.

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