Am I wrong to have questions about my faith?

I keep reading things about Catholicism and having pagan origins. It makes me feel odd because I love my Catholic faith so much but hate feeling this way. Can anyone help ease my mind? Are these claims just wish wash or is there any truth in them?

I know protestants use this argument against Catholicism but since they stemmed from us aren’t they subject to the same claims?

I have a book for you. Read Catholicism and Fundamentalism by Karl Keating. It will answer many questions. As for specific other questions about specific issues, this forum is an excellent source for answers. And yes, it is wish wash that Catholics are pagan. pagan means worshiping more than one God but we worship only One God.

I don’t think anybody can prove that Catholicism has Pagan origins. All they can do is show similarities between aspects of the two religions. But here’s the kicker: Catholics believe that all religions come from God and that non-Catholic religions are just misunderstandings with various levels of truth. So if there are similarities…it’s not because Catholicism was influenced by Paganism, but merely because Paganism got a few things right from their natural knowledge of God!

That’s my two cents. But anyways, I don’t think you need to worry about these claims. Most of them are stretching to truth to try and show vague coincidences, then saying that similarities prove a negative. Flawed logic at its finest.

Oh, and I just want to mention, it’s perfectly ok to have questions. When i was first converting I had SO many questions and even so many doubts…and the fact that all the answers I found fit together so perfectly was what convinced me through and through that I made the right decision in converting. I do believe that to have doubts and find the solutions will make a much stronger Catholic than those who have no doubts at all.

Its rubbish just anti Catholics spreading error. The best way to remain in the knowledge of the truth and not to believe error is the rosary.

No. I’d be more suspicious if you didn’t have questions about your faith.

Also, yeah, protestants argue about this issue all the time. The origins of Easter, Christmas celebrations.

Keep in mind that these things have been argued about since Christianity started. Whether or not Christians had to keep kosher and Jewish laws. How Christians should worship and with whom.

I’d argue that Catholicism is the purest form of Christianity, but that doesn’t mean that Catholics were innocent and didn’t co-opt pagan and native icons and rituals to make Catholicism acceptable to native populations when they started setting up shop in new mission fields.

We have to be honest about church history, but we need to realize that most people who worked for the institution were interested in saving souls. There was no ill will or malice towards the people they were working among.

But we have to keep in mind the bigger picture. These priests and nuns were trying to market and make Christianity acceptable to people who had very different belief structures. (Multiple Gods, Nature worship, etc). It’s about getting your audience to like you and trust you and listen to what you have to say. Sometimes, if that didn’t happen, then they killed people off and forced people to submit, lest they be killed as well. Over a long period of time, without the internet and literacy programs to spread ideas and share information, people are just going to say “this is the we’ve always done things. Nobody remembers a time when we weren’t Christian.”

Has it hurt the church, yeah, it probably has. However, the church has been run by men and women who aren’t perfect like Jesus was (and is and always will be).

Look at how Jewish people have co-opted the Christmas tree and have Hanukkah bushes.

Is it really that bad of a thing for people to want to connect to both their Jewish heritage and the culture around them? Symbols are always evolving. The swastika hasn’t always seen as symbol of evil. It only became bad when Hitler made it the symbol of Nazism. WW2 ended about 70 years ago. Not too long ago in the grand scheme of history.

Thank you. This makes a lot of sense… Thank you

Thank you as well. Thank you so much. Adoption of other rituals seems necessary. I read somewhere that a religion that starts itself has no roots therefore has no truth. Since we as Christians, Jews and even Pagans can go back and find a commonplace in each one proves God, the Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

I always found this view interesting. While growing up I was raised protestant and naturally I would hear these things you speak of… but here is the truth of the matter

  1. Whether what you hear appears so or not, Satan always mimics anyway. He cannot create anything original so naturally it COULD look like it has pagan stems. He wants to be LIKE God… so he would have to do what God would do. Only way is to mimic and pervert. Especially in the timeline it “came first”. Why? Well the angels knew God’s plan of redemption but not the time of it… so if Satan could “beat him to it” it can confuse and even discourage people.

  2. Satan in his wisdom he had obtain before the fall, knew the meaning of symbols used and created by God… so of course he would mimic and pervert them.

  3. If this is not enough or if you feel you need more, just talk to your FATHER and ask for eyes opening understanding and help. He would be more than happy to talk to you about such things. He will always show you the way of what is right.
    Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. John 14:6

Though i am not a member of the Catholic Church I do not view it as pagan nor bad. I am kinda without label honestly. Not really protestant either because so far I do agree with some of what Catholics say. (Have been learning and researching myself rather than listening to what I was wrongfully ignorantly taught)

My son came home from school, 10th grade, saying that they were learning about the history of religion in his public school…his teacher is telling his class that Christianity began as paganism! ! Unbelievable isn’t it

Ikr. you’d think that it was obvious that Christianity, in word and history, begins with Christ.

One would sure think so yes…worrisome to think how many kids just drink up the teachers lectures tho. I am so glad my son came home wanting to discuss this

These claims, or you can trace these claims, from an anti catholic by an author named Alexander Hislop, and later by Boetner.

Karl Keating’s book…Catholicism and Fundamentalism: The Attack on “Romanism” by “Bible Christians” is a refutation of these claims.

And a protestant did actually research Hislop’s claim, and found them without basis.

Here a link:

As I did this, it became clear: Hislop’s “history” was often only an arbitrary piecing together of ancient myths…While seeking to condemn the paganism of Roman Catholicism, Hislop produced his own myths. By so doing, he theorized that Nimrod, Adonis, Apollo, Attes, Baal-zebub, Bacchus, Cupid, Dagon, Hercules, Januis, Linus, Lucifer, Mars, Merodach, Mithra, Moloch, Narcissus, Oannes, Odin, Orion, Osiris, Pluto, Saturn, Teitan, Typhon, Vulcan, Wodan, and Zoroaster were all one and the same. By mixing myths,
Hislop supposed that Semiramis was the wife of Nimrod and was the same as Aphrodite, Artemis, Astarte, Aurora, Bellona, Ceres, Diana, Easter, Irene, Iris, Juno, Mylitta, roserpine, Rhea, Venus, a

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