Am I wrong to think this was a bit presumptuous?


I attend Campus Crusade for Christ meetings with my non-Catholic friends. Last week, they showed an advertisement some of the students had made about an upcoming youth conference.

What struck me was something one student said about funding for the trip: “I wouldn’t want to worship a God who wouldn’t provide the money to go.”

I just had to kind of shake my head at that…


Not sure but it could seem that he is saying something along the lines:
“I cannot believe in a God that would not grant me the opportunities neccessary for me to know and experience him”
… in this case money was required.


Nowdays children are raised expecting everything to be given to them. They don’t earn it. Their parents believe that the best way to raise their children is to give them everything they want. They are given their own cars, cell phones, TVs, computers etc. Why should they not make such a statement. Of course not every child is brought up that way, Thank God!

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