Am not worth to be called Christian!

English is not my native language, I’m sorry for any misspellings.

Please do not turn this subject into 9 pages long. It is easy, is it true or not.

Am not even close to be Christian?!

I come from Muslim background, I was atheist, but now thanks to the Lord I’m Christian.

I support same sex marriage ( out of the church ). And I will stand against the church if we had to go to court for example.

I support teaching evolution at schools and never teach the creationist story that saying the earth is 10000 years old.

I do not support any type of laws that would criminalise sexual activities out of marriage ( this idea come to me lately ).

I support abortion in case there was any type of danger on the mother’s life.

So, this according to some , make me not Christian and not worthy to be called one and I should NOT eat from the host and I might as well back to being atheist would be much better.

There are many conflicting pressures from various groups. Political, religious, social, and cultural forces are at work everywhere around us. These are your current positions. You aspire to Jesus Christ. He also is a powerful force at work in your life. Keep learning and thinking about these hot button issues. Stay honest. I think God appreciates your integrity.

Well if a person tells you that – such would be VERY off. For it is not better to believe there is no God when there IS.

A person is Christian who has been Baptized into Christ.

Now if a Christian embraces views contrary to the Christian Faith --then they are holding views that are contrary to the Christian Faith. Such does not erase the baptism-- nothing can do that. But that baptism calls them to reject that which is contrary and to live the Faith.

Jesus says to them (and to all of us) to “repent”. To change and turn away from that which is contrary to what he calls us to live and believe.

One must yes be in a state of Grace (not committed grave sin) and be rightly disposed to receive Jesus in Holy Communion. Paul is very serious about us eating condemnation to ourselves…

A splendid text on “renewal of the mind” that St Paul talks about – from Pope Benedict XVI for us all (to read again and again…). It starts after the second paragraph.

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Would a good definition be: A Christian who is in schism with the Church?

This is always the first clue that the issue about to be presented is complicated.

Well some of your views are against the church. Only Jesus can say you are not a Christian. He loves you regardless of your sins. If you love Jesus then pray for his heart and ask for understanding. Do not go back to atheism because that we only leave feeling empty. Christ loves you and so does the Church

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