Amateur metal detector finds crucifix


…that may change the historical record of Christianity: I love the design. I’d love to own one like it. :heart:



Maybe he can get the design 3-D printed.



Not a crucifix of Jesus


That is really interesting. I have never seen a crucifix like that before.


Wow. That is very cool. Thank you for posting!


It absolutely is. We have another example that is virtually identical, the Birka Crucifix, that was found in Sweden worn by a person buried in a very early Catholic cemetery. The provenance is pretty strong. It’s also in the shape of a Greek cross (where both bars are equal length), which is what we would expect to find in the region at that time.

Source: I am a professional historian




Is it bronze? Can it be dated?


The one just found is gold. And it has been dated to about the same time as the one Rolltide mentioned–about 15 years older, as I understand it.


Beautiful Cross, something about it reminds me of the cross the Franciscans use, it is a bit personable. What is that the Franciscans use? San Damiano? Something like that.


Denmark apologized to United Kingdom in just the last 10 years for the Vikings invading around the year 1000 AD; so the timeline on finding a crucifix in Denmark is a bit interesting.

I can’t find a story on that apology but I’m sure it exists somewhere.


It is beautiful.


Just thought I’d mention that you can find very nice replicas of these for sale. If you do a search for “Birka crucifix” you’ll see some on Etsy and eBay, and I’m sure other places, too. I would provide some links, but it’s against CAF rules.




You will know then that field of history has so many debates about multiple things also then. Not trying to argue just saying.


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