Amazing attitude...

I’ve tried to put a message with a question in the discussion area of Richard Dawkin’s website. It was sent to be reviewed before posting, then vanished. No post.There was nothing offensive, probably they didn’t like the question. Here, on this website everybody can post any question…

That’s one of the best things about CAF, I think.

I love that all faiths (and lack thereof) can share beliefs and ideas, and it all
stays friendly (for the most part). I know of other forums that make me ashamed
to be part of the denom hosting said forum.

Thanks so much for a great site, CAF!

That’s not quite true. You can post whatever you want without review, but if someone reports it and it falls under a broad, and often arbitrary list of things which are off limits to post, it will be deleted.

CAF is indeed a more welcoming and more consistently courteous board than too many others.
If a greying old granddad’s opinion counts for anything … I am grateful for that kindness.


I’ve just had a thread deleted as it was deemed ‘uncharitable’.
This is, of course, a very vague charge that can be used to delete anything that someone arbitrarily decides they do not like.

Better than many websites, but not perfect. Not by a long shot.

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