Amazing blog by woman pregnant with conjoined twins


Amanda was pressured to abort, but she has chosen to continue her pregnancy with her two daughters, Faith and Hope. She seems to manage to see such happiness in what some people would consider a total tragedy, and is asking for prayers for her girls.


That is pretty cool.

My parents know the family of the Hensel twins, who are also conjoined twins. They must be about 20 or 21 now and were in college the last I heard. The Hensel twins have been featured on various TV shows. Quite remarkable.


What precious babies! I'm so glad that their mom is being strong and standing up for her children--many prayers for everyone!



I've been so hormonal I didn't know if I could read the blog, but I did, what a great example of clearly knowing the value and beauty of life! I saw they have an Avon fundraiser going on for the babies and all they will need specially made, I felt so sad reading about how her family decided not have a baby shower for her and wait to see what happens with the babies first and how that made her feel sad, not having anything ready for her little ones.


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