Amazing church renovation; St. Elizabeth Ann Seton in Pickerington, Ohio

Personally, yeah, gotta give thumbs up to the “after”. IMHO, that’s a beautiful church.


Beautiful renovations.

Absolutely beautiful compared to what it was.

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I actually liked the stone wall better, but I do love the ceiling and new floors.

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Not a fan of the new light fixtures. Lights should be as unnoticeable as possible in a church.

Lots of churches around here built between 75 and 2000 are being having major renovations. These were some if the worst or the worst in Catholic Church architecture. All are being immensely improved, but they are limited based on the shape and form if the building.

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I also dislike them, very distracting.

The ceiling and recessed lighting is evocative of the night sky (the heavens) which is appropriate.

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That is beautiful!

I’m with you. Granted, the new is very beautiful, but the old was not that bad.

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The first thing I noticed in the before and after pictures is where your eye is drawn to…before it was up to the ceiling while after was towards the alter. The before is very stark looking…no warmth…while the after is not only warm, it feels cozier and much more inviting! They did a good job.

The ceiling lights didn’t bother me as my eye wasn’t immediately drawn to them. I like them but probably would have likes several others as well as long as they weren’t the focal point of the area!


Beautiful congratulations a wonderful job.

I don’t know how the parishioners felt about it–particularly if there are any still around who were in on the original decision-making–but I think it is a vast improvement.

A long-time parishioner would definitely walk in and be struck by the feeling of being in an entirely different church. It is really lovely; I hope they’re happy with the change.


The earlier parish design to the left; the renovated parish design in a more orthodox way to the right.



They did a fantastic job considering what they had to work with. The Blessed Sacrament chapel is ingenious!


Such a stark contrast from the grey and drab . . . previous interior of the Church. . . . This is exactly why Jesus rebuked Judas and said that beautiful and expensive things can be used to give Him honor.




Um, I’m pretty sure this is still a “NO” parish. This has little to do with the rite of Mass celebrated. We don’t need to turn every thread into a liturgy war.


In the new design, where is the crucifix?

Edit. Found it. It’s obscured by a light fixture in the photos. I’m sure it is more obvious in real life.

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I will say the original design did accomplish something amazing–it both seemed empty and a thrown-together mess at the same time. That’s a hard to do.

I don’t see how anyone with any Catholic sense could prefer the earlier one to the latter. Well done. All Catholics deserve to worship God in a worthy church.

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What else would “Traditional Catholic mode” mean beside TLM?

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