Amazing Devotion for Holiness


I found some interesting information about the “Three Hail Mary” Devotion. It’s a very powerful devotion, in which one simply says three Hail Marys every morning and evening in honor of the Immaculate Conception, and in petition for holiness and purity of heart.

I recently found a good quote by St Alphonsus Liguori about this devotion:

A man so polluted with sins against purity went one day to confession to a Father of the Society of Jesus. The Father dismissed him, and told him to say every morning three “Hail Marys” in honor of the purity of the Blessed Virgin, in order to obtain through her intercession the grace to be delivered from the bad habit. After several years the young man returned to the same Father, but had scarcely a venial sin to confess[He almost reached perfection]; when he had finished his confession he said to the confessor: "Father, do you know me ? I am the person whom you could not absolve some years ago, on account of my sins against purity; but by saying the three “Hail Marys” every morning I have, by the grace of God, got rid of the bad habit.

(Saint Alphonsus Liguori, Complete Aesthetical works Volume XVI)

I found it very encouraging, since anyone has a minute to spare, and it caused this person to grow so much in holiness. I hope that anyone who hasn’t tried this devotion yet can add it.

Thanks for posting! You are right, who doesn’t have time for this?

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