Amazing Influence

Amazing Influence


Dear Friends of Life and Family,

Earlier today we learned that Rush Limbaugh, the most influential talk radio host in America, referred to Wednesday on his program that is listened to by millions. The Limbaugh website included a direct link to the mentioned article on Another LSN article was similarly referred to by Rush a few months ago. Regardless of what one might think about Rush Limbaugh, this is one of many examples illustrating the amazing influence of LifeSiteNews.

In the past few years, as LSN has continued to grow in both reach and influence, we have become increasingly accustomed to this sort of thing - happily stumbling on our name, or LSN articles, as we scour the Internet doing the research for which we have become so well known and appreciated.

Of course, it is hardly surprising that people are looking to LSN these days for the “expert” opinion on the life, family, faith and cultural issues. After nearly 13 years of intense researching and reporting on these issues, we have established LifeSiteNews in many minds as the place to go for the news and opinion about pro-life and pro-family issues.

A few months ago LSN assistant editor John Jalsevac was one of several leaders interviewed by the Family Research Council (FRC) in Washington, D.C. for a documentary about the worrisome Obama administration’s Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA). You can find the impressive trailer for the recently released film here (John shows up about 58 seconds into the trailer).

Over the years our editor-in-chief, John-Henry Westen, has been interviewed on countless radio stations in countries as far-flung as New Zealand, Poland, India, and all throughout North America. He has also been interviewed for television, including repeatedly on Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor and the EWTN radio network

I have mixed feelings about LSN, so I’m not sure whether to be pleased or concerned. :o

How do you mean Joe?

I have found several of their articles to be a bit misleading. Like their treatment of Harry Potter where the misrepresent Pope Benedict on the subject. (Jimmy Akin outlines this on his website.) It doesn’t bother me that they don’t like Harry Potter or that they find the books problematic. But it makes me cringe to see them making the same mistakes as the MSM does when it comes to taking the pope’s words out of context.

I’ve also seen some of their articles which I find unduly harsh towards our bishops. Not that they don’t bring up valid points to consider, but their tone doesn’t help matters, IMO.

But, you can’t help but respect and admire their dedication to the pro-life cause.

Fair enough

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