Amazing new video illustrates humanity of preborn baby in womb


Excellent new embryology video garners tens of millions of views . . . .

Amazing new video illustrates humanity of preborn baby in womb

By Calvin Freiburger

In just a week, a Facebook video depicting preborn humanity in vivid details has amassed tens of millions of views.

Hashem Al-Ghaili is a Yemeni man who lives in Germany and works as an independent “influencer” primarily through his popular Science Nature Page on Facebook. He also shares informative content onYouTube and Flickr, and his work has inspired people to seek him out as a public speaker and media consultant.

One of his most recent videos, first uploaded to YouTube on June 3 but shared on Facebook last week, illustrates the entire process of fertilization, implantation, development, and birth. The Facebook version features different music and informative captions added throughout.

“Welcome to Life!” reads a caption at the end of the film.

The video begins with an egg’s release into the fallopian tube, . . . .

. . . The apolitical video does not explicitly stake out a position on the debate over when life begins, although settled scientific criteria establish that the physical life of a distinct human organism begins at fertilization, rather than implantation. This consensus has been established for years in mainstream medical and biology textbooks . . . .


Here is the YouTube version . . . .

Hashem Al-Ghaili
Published on Jun 3, 2018
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Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing this video!


This is fabulous.


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