Amazing Pictures and Videos of Harvard's Huge Eucharistic Procession

The Black Mass was canceled, but that didn’t stop Catholics from continuing on with their planned Eucharistic procession and hour of adoration.

The procession began on MIT’s campus and finished at St. Paul’s Church on Harvard’s campus, followed by a Holy Hour of Eucharistic adoration.

Thank you and God bless you for sharing.

Very inspiring. Thanks for posting

THIS is the correct response! Awesome!

Thank you so very much for sharing this. I was there, it was awesome. It was one of the best evenings of my life. It is great to have a video of it to catch the moments I couldn’t see and to show people who couldn’t attend. What reverence. What devotion. God is great.
May God bless you abundantly.

the best response for a world gone wild

Beautiful pictures.

Sometimes ugly intentions cause people of faith to get together and respond in a powerful way. I guess the satanic mass announcement managed to cause something positive.

AND…to stop something vile and of the greatest EVIL. This incident, however, I hope will be a wake up call for faithful Catholics everywhere. It is common knowledge that these atrocious ‘Black Masses’ have been going on under the radar, but NOW the evil has grown to the point that they are attempting to glorify the Evil One in the public spot light and in a prominent place.

Thank you so much for this link. Thanks be to God.

I wish I could have made it. My parish priest was posting photos of it on facebook. I can’t imagine going to adoration with that many people. I’m used to 3 or 4 haha.

And to think that this beautiful story happened in big bad pinko, leftist, secularist, socialist, communist, homosexualit, Godless Boston!


I love Bean Town.

This is so awesome! I wish Catholic parishes here in the United States would hold Eucharistic Processions like this more often. :thumbsup:

Me too…I think it would go a long way to help our communities and the culture at large.

Wonderful and fantastic…:thumbsup:

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