Amazing Race - Kate and Pat

Anyone watch Amazing Race. Are these two Episcopalian ministers (priest and deacon) gay? It says they are married ministers and dated for seven years. huh? I thought there was only one active homosexual priest in the Episcopalian Church. Can anyone comment?

Here’s their bio on CBS:

One is an Episcopal priest and the other is an ordained deacon.

I think you’re thinking of the one openly homosexual bishop?

That show has taken a dive. The current cast looks like a travelling misfit circus troop.

Have the ratings been down in recent years?

Well that isn’t a nice thing to say.:frowning:


How so? It IS a pretty accurate description, and it wasn’t an attck on their character. Have been to a number of Shriners and Ringling Brothers Circuses, it was a physically accurate observation. Since when is an accuarte description “mean?”

They didn’t have casts like this before, which is why I wonder if they have had lower ratings.

Look around you…life is like a traveling misfit circus.
As far as the show…that is your opinion.

And much of what we see in “life” is not good.

And as far as opinion, that IS what I gave?? This is an internet message board, you see a lot of them…

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