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Well, in college, we’re all talking about what we’re studying and what we want to do afterwards. I’m hoping to be an obstetrician one day. Well, I told one of the guys that and he told me that was beautiful! I was so taken aback! Usually people tell me that it’s disgusting, that they could never do that and rarely anyone, let alone a guy would tell me that it was beautiful. Helpful yes, but never beautiful.

I thought that definitely was a God moment. Rarely anyone would ever tell me that!


Maybe it IS a sign…

Was he good-looking, too? Might be someone you want to keep in touch with if his values are such that it piques your interest and aligns with your Christian values. Just a thought.

Best to you in your college years and much success!
Keep the faith.

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I have a boyfriend at the present time but I can tell that this guy and I are going to be really good friends. He is Catholic and we’ve had some amazing faith discussions. I’ve actually been rather fortunate to find a very active Catholic community on campus.

Thanks:) I will keep the faith!


More power to you–we need more pro-life obstetricians


There’s nothing like finding a kindred spirit. :slight_smile:


Amen! It’s really funny, we always run into each other at the most random of times and get caught up in the most meaningful conversations that last for hours (or at least till one of us has to go to class). Whether it’s about God, the Church, faith, science, politics, imperialism, etc., it’s so amazing. We think of the craziest things:) He says it’s refreshing to find someone who will listen to him while I find it refreshing to have someone to talk to about this kind of stuff.


Its wonderful to hear that the youth today have their heads in the right places. :slight_smile: Too bad we dont hear this on the news more! :slight_smile:

Good luck in your studies!



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