Amazon Catholic-Protestant discussion cont


Anybody Here? It’s me, Faith…

This is hopefully a continuation of a years-old discussion (started by Kevin=) from the discontinued Amazon discussion forums, and the topic is Catholics and Protestants, part XXXIV, continued…

How to celebrate Easter?

what is the thread about? Do you want me to update the Title to reflect the topic better


No, thank you.

This will hopefully be a continued many years old discussion from another forum that recently shut down.


can you give a bit more detail about what you want the thread to focus on. :dove:


The participants ranged from brilliant Catholic apologists, to adamant atheists, artists, and authors, including over the years Anne Rice.


This thread in particular was a Catholic-Protestant discussion.


ok. can you link the old thread so we can have a discussion. I was wondering if you wanted to discuss the internet shop :ok_hand:


If you change the thread title, please make it Amazon Catholic-Protestant discussion cont.

Hopefully some will find their way.


I don’t know if I can do this right now because I’m on my phone, and the forum is shutting down today…

I’ll try, but I don’t know if it will work.


It was a discussion forum Amazon provided, but is discontinuing…


are they all migrating to our forum?

its a pity another forum has closed.


I don’t know…

I suggested it to some of the participants but we’ll have to wait and see.


no worries. Now people can understand a bit more.

was there a specific point you wanted to take up first? Just edit your first post to include it. We have some pretty active peoples of both faiths who enjoy this type of discussion.


We’ve been posting there for years…

And are a…lively bunch. Amazon moderated but not as strictly as it is here.


I’ve been a member here for years under a different name (Pier) but could not access my account, so I rejoined under a different name here…

At Amazon I posted as “Faith”


Hope this works:


Amazon Christianity thread

Only 30 posters, but almost 9000 posts in just one month! 033_bigyikes That’s a very active group! You should post a link over there to this thread so they can find their way here if they wish.


I have been here for years, I don’t know what the topic is about from the other thread. There are hundreds of Protestant / Catholic threads… Please post the topic. Thanks.


The Amazon forums were definitely a different sort of forum than this one. With less moderation, and a far wider swath of people—yet with such broad categories as simply “Christianity forum”—I think you would have people create threads like the one linked to above where Protestants and Catholics could basically come and go back and forth with each other hopping around from topic to topic. The thread is a subcategory unto itself.

I’m not sure that will work the same way over here. Here at CAF, we have a lot of subcategories and generally prefer narrower topics with fewer posts. Otherwise, it tends to turn into a free for all with very few being able to follow the conversation.

But if this thread can serve as an entry point for continued comradery, then perhaps that is all that is necessary.


Yeah, just start up another thread here.
I think you will find PLENTY of people willing to argue. :persevere:

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