Amazon Catholic-Protestant discussion cont


Hello! Thank you for the notice and the link, dear.
Sorry it took awhile for me to sign in; had to reset things since it’s been awhile.
Also couldn’t resist replying to so many questions on the way. It’s like a smorgasbord here.


So glad you’re here!!!

Omigoodness, yes! There are SO many topics that can draw you in - but THANKFULLY they do not put up with nonsense here!

Thanks for letting me know you’re here. Reesey and Senneville are, too. I emailed Kevin but don’t know if he saw it. I don’t think I have Lily’s email on my gmail, but Senneville said she’ll try and notify her on Facebook.


Was thinking about posting a product link…

But then I remembered where we’re at…lol. Amazon is going to miss that.


Readings for Tuesday of the Twenty-seventh Week in Ordinary Time - October 10, 2017:

Reading 1: Jon 3:1-10;

Responsorial Psalm: Ps 130:1b-2, 3-4ab, 7-8;

Alleluia: Lk 11:28;

Gospel: Lk 10:38-42.


Another thing that was done on a couple of threads over at Amazon, is that the daily Mass readings were posted, either the night before or the day of…

Will try to continue this here.


Will try and merge your Lectio Divina thread here too, Teresa…

There are enough of us familiar with the threads we’ve posted on for years, so if others find there way here they can jump right in. Saw that Timothy is no longer on Twitter, so I couldn’t pass the link along to him.


Does CAF still limit the threads to a thousand posts?


It doesn’t appear so. The Curmudgeon thread is still going with 1.2 thousand posts. None others have gone that long since the change that I have seen. I’m sure they still reserve the right to cap a thread if they feel it warrants it.


I do hope he continues being well.
God bless Timothy.


Is that in the Clubhouse?



God bless Timothy, always.


Such dishonesty is disappointing…

Especially coming from those who have a measure of influence, and (alleged) intelligence.


It’s in #casual-discussion, which is the spiritual successor to the Clubhouse from the old forum


Could we start an entirely new thread to do that. It’s a wonderful idea. I can make a thread in Spirituality, and make it wiki. That means everyone can add to that one post, and remove when appropriate.

I will start the thread now.

Try this

You can just add tomorrow’s and remove or keep today’s.


Yes. It’s best to start threads. I can start them and make them wiki. Anyone can then post on the same post and remove too.


Do you want a Lecto Divini wiki thread?

This post is wiki. Click on it and edit it as you want, to try wiki out


That’s fine, but I don’t know what “wiki” means.

The daily readings were posted for many years on the Amazon thread for anyone who wanted a quick reference in order to look them up, and in answer to those who claimed the Catholic Church doesn’t use the Bible.


Now I understand.


If you want to start one, please do.

I don’t know how to “wiki” things. I intend on posting the daily readings here, but to post them elsewhere is a wonderful idea, too.


Thank you…

Hope they have the “Word Association” up and running again. Will check that out when I have a chance…

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