Amazon Catholic-Protestant discussion cont


Hello, lilypadres!

I hope you and yours are all well.
It’s been good ‘seeing’ you here.


And how are YOU doing, my dear?!
Seems like ages…
So much has happened in the world, our nation, our Church since we’ve last ‘met’. Am just now piecing it all together. Have been doing tons of reading… and pondering.

Btw Note: Absolutely LOVE listening to Fr. Robert Barron’s archived podcasts. (Highly recommend them!) The link is: Even the music/theme song is enchanting. Wonder if you, with your music and professional know-how, could id the song/group that produces them- for me, please? Would enjoy having more of same for listening.


Readings for Sunday, October 21, 2018:


—Which word/ phrase/ image speaks to your heart?
—How will you respond and apply God’s words to your life?


Teresa! Hi!!!


You’re so sweet. Have wanted to email but can’t use my computer yet.


Yes…a LOT has been going on…


:heartpulse: Brett Kavanaugh! :blush:


I’ll try and listen to the music (if I can find the right place lol), but I don’t know if I’ll know…

Maybe they list the credits somewhere? Please let me know if you do find them…


…and have noticed the tares among the wheat have been busy…as usual…

Imo we shouldn’t be surprised because Jesus said this would be so (AND that hell would not prevail). Prayers of course continue for all, as His mercy is > those efforts.


Thank you, Jesus!


When listening to the archived audios or podcasts, it’s the music at the very end. It’s captivating. Link is at post #641 above. Couldn’t find any credits. Mmmm… Maybe if I played it for Siri?


If you mean…our Church…, yes. Have been following that as well.
Have you read the third letter from Vigano (his rebuttal to denials/counter-accusations)? Find it at LifeSite News. It’s a most compelling letter. And I believe him. Now we must wait to see what will be done to rectify, if possible…within our lifetime! Lol. (Actually, no laughing matter.) :neutral_face:

Is there no thread on this site discussing this major Church matter?
Or does one need to scroll down through hundreds of threads to find it? Or?


Readings for Monday, October 22, 2018:


—Which word/ phrase/ image speaks to your heart?
—How will you respond and apply God’s words to your life?


I’ll try again…

Let me know if Siri knows, too! :musical_note:


I’m still not great at navigating the different categories available on this forum’s new format…

IF I find a link on this subject I’ll post it to you here. Or maybe someone else knows and could post it…?


Thank you!
Tried Siri but there’s too much dialogue over the music. Oh, well. I have a hundred or more podcasts yet to hear. :slight_smile:


Hi Teresa. Been thinking about you. Glad you dropped in. Hope you’ll be around more often.

So much happening around here. Mama and I are still hanging in there. Got 5 more kitties since we last spoke. 3 (former ferals, thanks to me feeding them since August 2017 and then taking them into our home this past January) from our former neighbor after she was forced to leave her home and 2 from our friend and former co-worker of Mama’s who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and had to give them up. The oldest of the two passed away suddenly a week ago. He was 16. We were blessed to have him in our family for 2 months. His sister is 8 and misses him terribly.


So sorry, but I’m now experiencing technical difficulties…

I changed my background and now can’t view comments, and I think I accidentally flagged/reported someone for no reason, while looking for the setti gs to switch the background back to what it was




Managed to switch my settings back to normal. It was like being in the Twilight Zone! Anyway, if I accidentally flagged one of your comments, I apologize!


It’s good hearing from you, and knowing that you and your Mom are doing well. (Kitties, too.)
Also nice conversing without bombardment. Wonder what ‘the posse’ is doing now. Lol.

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