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No problem! Wouldn’t be the first time. :kissing_heart:



Thanks! Lol



I wonder how theyre doing as well…



We wouldnt be able to have those discussions in quite the same way here…but miss some folks anyway.



:heartpulse: colliefan, even tho he DEFINITELY wasnt a member of the posse!



Hi Lily!

Hope you’re feeling better too. And that’s a lotta lucky kitties! :blush:



They may have followed us here. And they may now be permanently banned.
Earlier in the year, I posted sincere answers to a thread here and was met immediately by pushback. (Did they recognize a similar username?) Anyway, I didn’t stand down but continued politely with the truth I’d been taught regarding Church teaching. They must have called in the troops and I was flagged, and then banned a couple days. Others were as well. Another poster pm’d to console me and explain that it wasn’t me but that there were two women who often bullied anyone who disagreed with them. Anyway, the thread was pulled after I left because it became so hostile! I declared never to return; but here I am, again.




I had no idea!

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How could they ban YOU???



Yes. I do miss some dear people; those of good will. God bless them all.

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I am so sorry…

I can’t believe this could happen to you.




I wonder about others. Hope they’re ok, although I definitely do not understand them. Also pray for them…

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I guess it was more like ‘suspension’; not expulsion. lol
I was crushed. But so comforted by the fellow poster who bothered to let me know about them. Anyway, I don’t see those posters around, but perhaps they’ve changed their usernames. Their rxn though was so quick and almost visceral that I wondered if they recognized me from another forum? Oh, well. Doesn’t matter.



It’s been good ‘seeing’ you both and I hope to check in again soon.
Until then, stay well; and many blessing to you both!




Well, I’m sorry I didn’t know, but glad that you’re alright!



Oh, please check in when you can! :heartpulse:



Don’t know if this will be helpful, but I think it’s a link to multiple threads here that you can choose from…but it looks like it involves the scrolling through a lot of threads.

And please keep me posted:

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Teresa, here is one.



This one is better.

@teresa63 the discussions on Viganò are in the ‘World News’ section of the site which isn’t listed in the main channel.



lilypadres, I did read the third letter of Vigano and thought it was most compelling and believable. The early and final paragraphs, in particular, attest to his well-formed conscience and keen sense of obligation to God as both disciple and shepherd. These reveal a man of integrity whose primary consideration is for the loss of souls, including his own, and a personal conviction to live in harmony with his vows of ordination. It’s a matter of salvation. He’s a whistleblower. His opposition is powerful, and fierce. I regard him as a living martyr for the good of our Church. (And I don’t believe his actions are unrelated to the resignation of PB16.)

I believe that Christians in all places and times are called to choose (always with the help of grace) between following the Word of God or the words of the worldly culture. Today, our strongly secularized western culture has mainly lost the sense of sin but, as Catholic Christians, we should know what God has revealed about sin. And, if confirmed, we must always be prepared to profess both His perfect judgement along with His perfect mercy.

Many of our shepherds (including some from the top tiers of hierarchy) have been shamelessly scattering God’s flock instead of uniting and protecting them. But I firmly believe that Ab Vigano should rightfully be applauded for his courage. He has been the answer to the prayers of many.


ABP Vigano writes third letter
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