Amazon Catholic-Protestant discussion cont


Thank you for these readings. It is so good to see your posts again. :smiley:


I PMed Kevin on Facebook and gave him the link to this thread. Hopefully, he’ll peek in.


Awesome, Lily. :blush: :thumbsup:

Apparently there are a certain amount of characters we have to post per comment. Like 16 or something…

So while playing one of the games here, you can’t just post your one word reply. I wonder why, and if that can be changed…?


I am trying to determine a post limit…one thread is approaching 1700 posts. :dove::pray:. Happy Fatima day!



It says that a thread will close 14 days after the last reply. So apparently threads will not be available after that?

At Amazon, there was a limit of 10,000 posts per thread. Here there was usually a limit of 1000 per thread, except in the Prayer Intentions section.

When a thread reached the 10,000 post limit at the Amazon Christianity Discussion forum, we just started the next part. So this thread and its subsequent parts will most likely continue as long as anyone is interested in maintaining it.

I don’t always have access to a reliable computer, so I will try, but it is no guarantee.


This is originally someone else’s thread (Kevin)…

He is okay with it being continued. I will continue to post the Daily Readings, as that was the agreement we’ve had for quite a while now - but only if I have access to a decent computer. In which case Lily did it, but only if SHE had access to a reliable computer.

We try. We’re Catholics, so we KNOW Who will prevail! :church:


There is a workaround the 16 character minimum. The character count includes any of the “code” that goes into things like making text bold or italicized. It also counts the html code for non-breaking spaces: <nbsp>.

So that is 6 characters right there. When you type that in, it will appear as an empty space. If you type that in three times (which is 18 characters), you could even make an empty post, or include just a single character or word.

Now, I wouldn’t necessarily encourage someone to make a habit out of this practice. The reason the minimum is in place is to avoid lots of brief posts that don’t contribute much to the conversation (like “+1” or “I agree”). They want you to press the “like” button instead.

But perhaps on occasion… :slight_smile:

See my post below to see what I mean.





On Blogger I used to do periods in order to stagger a line (further indent it), then change their color to the background color so they’d be camo, but I don’t know if we can do that here because I don’t see a color option. Plus I’m using the dark background, so I don’t know if that would translate well on screens using the light background.


On the one game I played here, I did post a smiley and the code counted toward the total number of characters…

I DO understand wanting to discourage “I agree” comments. There were threads at Amazon that consisted of MANY of them, which of course helped move a thread along with basically zippo content from the same posters repeating this same reply, thread after thread after thread…


Actually, another poster originally started it under a title questioning Mary’s sinlessness. Kevin took over after the original threads and after a number of them, retitled the thread to the familiar name we now know it as. The only thing to change then was the number and occasionally, the opening post. You have now picked up the mantle.


Does anyone have John Patrick aka God’s Irish Setter’s email? Is he on Facebook? (I’m not)

He’s another awesome Catholic apologist who posted on Amazon’s Christianity discussion forum’s Catholic Protestant thread. He posted intermittently for years, but recently was on more often.


LOL. Yes, at that time, my computer was acting wonky too. I’ll be happy to post the Daily Readings if you don’t already have them up when I log in.


I wish I had it. I’ll ask Kevin if he has it. We should get Barbara on here too. Her posts were always so insightful.


This reply will take more than 16 characters so isn’t an example, but almost any letters work between the < sign and the > sign. An example below.

That blank line isn’t blank just above, but appears so.



You’re right. you can pretty much type in anything between a < and a > and it will vanish from view. The only thing you can’t do is have a space immediately after the opening < symbol. Otherwise, you can type in any alpha-numeric characters. If you throw in punctuation, it doesn’t appear to work.


Readings for Saturday of the Twenty-seventh Week in Ordinary Time - October 14, 2017:


Reading 1: Jl 4:12-21;

Responsorial Psalm: Ps 97:1-2, 5-6, 11-12;

Alleluia: Lk 11:28;

Gospel: Lk 11:27-28.


—Which word/ phrase/ image speaks to your heart?
—How will you respond and apply God’s words to your life?


It’s so good to see the Daily and Sunday Readings again. Now if we just had the links from the Lectio Divina thread…



I might have them. If I do find them I’ll post.


Hope these work:

Links for 24-hr. Eucharistic Adoration:

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