Drops Japanese Simulation Video Game Featuring Rape, Abortion

This is just disgusting. What evil mind came up with this “game?” And, who would buy this? This is just awful!:mad: :frowning: :eek: Drops Japanese Simulation Video Game Featuring Rape, Abortion

by Steven Ertelt Editor
February 12, 2009

Seattle, WA ( – Massive online retailer has dropped its listing for a controversial Japanese video game called Rapelay that involves raping women and forcing them to have abortions. The so-called “rape simulator” game was sold on the web site and included a graphic description of the gameplay.

Although a listing for the product is available through online searches, the link to it on Amazon’s web page no longer functions. …

Full article here, though it is distasteful and disturbing to read further:

Google cache allows you to still view the amazon page:

The google cache suggests that amazon never sold this game. It was apparently sold by third party sellers. Amazon sells some things but also has an e-bay like feature called amazon marketplace as well.

There’s a market for this sort of stuff in Japan (but lest we think we are miles better morally think about some of the stuff popular in the western world) where for a long time a comic called ‘Rapeman’ ran in which the main character took contracts on to rape women in the most painful ways possible. It’s one of those really weird and disturbing bits of comic book art that books on comics sometimes mention. There are actually a series of PC games based on that which are fairly big sellers in Japan.

Disgusting and deeply saddening :frowning:

I forwarded the link to my female friend who disbelieved me when I told her about the link between rape and abortion. I think that I will forward it to all my friends who refuse to acknowledge it. Truthphobia! :frowning: :mad:

I find this deeply disturbing on sooooooo many levels. I didn’t even know there were games like this out there. I guess it’s just babysteps from grand theft auto. Any game where you play a criminal is … oh never mind. I wish I wouldn’t have seen that link.:frowning:

I was under the impression that Grand Theft Auto or some of its iterations made it possible for the player to rape women also.

So I don’t know why one is “OK” and the other not. Maybe rape is just considered “OK” when it comes to some women. American moral sense is not so different from Japanese, it would seem. IMO, Japanese social mores are overall better. Just look at how Japanese companies apologize when they screw up versus what Americans do.

You can’t rape woman in GTA

And wow…that’s crazy…but sadly I’ve heard of even worse games

You are right apparently. I read my own article and it says rape is just alluded to in the storyline. But, apparently you can in that GTA MURDER women. So my point is the same.

Just chiming in:

Games such as this one are actually not uncommon. Usually called “hentai games” by us “shiros,” they are indeed popular (unfortunately). FORTUNATELY, however, very few get translated into any other language. So if your lil’ Timmy or lil’ Susie can’t read Japanese, don’t worry too much. The market for these “things” is pretty much limited to fanboy otaku’s here in North America.

But yeah, the Japanese are into some weird stuff…

Don’t come to Japan, O squeamish people… :slight_smile: You can’t even go into a normal computer store without seeing the rape-10-year-old-schoolgirls-with-fake-breasts PC games.

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