Has anyone here bought/used/borrowed an Kindle yet? If so, what do you think? Is it worth $400.00?

You ask a good question. There have been a number of electronic devices on the market for reading digital books, and none of them have established popularity. But Amazon greets everyone with an advertisement for the Kindle so perhaps it will catch on.

Don’t waste your time/money on the Kindle.
No, I haven’t seen or used one but:

It is proprietary and will work only with Amazon.
It will not display any e-books you already have unless you upload them to Amazon first and convert to their format.
I does not display in color (for illustrated books).
It uses the cell phone network for downloads, rather than WiFi or the internet. There are certainly more places throughout the land w/o cell svc than w/o internet.

Who really needs e-books, anyway? I think it’s funny how geeks can’t stand repeated failure of attempted e-books. The book has been perfected for centuries, it is cheap, durable, portable and will not lose data.

An electronic reader would be great for college students given the number, bulk and weight of textbooks they have to carry. Fitting them all on a one-kilo device would be an act of mercy.

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