A few months back I posted a thread asking whether or not was giving to planned parenthood. It has been made clear by that amazon isn’t giving to planned parenthood and shouldn’t be on a planned parenthood boycott list.

Just thought I’d give an update.


THank you for confirming this. I looked into it as well and couldn’t find anything saying they WERE giving but this helps. I buy a lot from Amazon, particularly through their used book system so I didn’t want to inadvertently fund PP.

LIsa N


Thank goodness!


FWIW I suspect this rumor got started because Amazon USED to participate in a program called You can choose an organization and if you enter certain websites through, some portion of the proceeds goes to that organization. So presumably some individual could have designated that IGive send their portion to PP. However Amazon has discontinued that particular relationship. It still does participate with other direct partners so say I want to buy something from Amazon and I access them through a local charity called “Sacred Art of Living Center” then a portion of the money I spend goes back to SALC. I don’t know all of their partners but I do know Amazon has others.

Lisa N


They do, however, give you an extremely difficult time, if someone hacks into your account and makes some purchases to ship to some obscure place in Russia. Just so you know. I advise not keeping any credit card information in their database.


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