Amazon fires: Brazilian rainforest burning at record rate, space agency warns

Brazil’s Amazon rainforest has seen a record number of fires this year, according to new data from the country’s space research agency.

The National Institute for Space Research (Inpe) said its satellite data showed an 83% increase on the same period in 2018.

It comes weeks after President Jair Bolsonaro fired the head of the agency amid rows over its deforestation data.

Smoke from the fires caused a blackout in the city of Sao Paulo on Monday.

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This is suppose to be a real bad fire and as said, it is darkening the city of Sao Paulo apparently to near black out conditions. I had some video but I don’t care to post that source here.

They say basically, somewhere in the Amazon is always burning it is so massive. I myself do not know if that is so.

At this point, I am finding limited coverage.

Okay, Sao Paulo has 13 million inhabitants per one source,

Smoke from Burning Amazon Turns São Paulo Afternoon into Midnight

By Laura Geggel 4 hours ago Planet Earth

The Amazon fires are human-made.

There are thousands of fires and the smoke is reaching us, though mildly ,south of their borders.
Today I read something new about this issue.
Within Amazonia there is being conflict among the people living there because they feel they are all being painted with a broad brush . Many have lived there for years and take care of it and eventually know how to deal with nature, trees and even lighting a fire when necessary. But there exist the Grileiros.
Grileiros are a sort of organized mafia that claim land with fake papers for illegal purposes and then it is very difficult for the government to undo this illicit appropriation .This group is even unknown to people in the cities there. But well known to inhabitants in Amazonia.
There are also unorganized people who do the same. Though less dangerous as a mafia, these invaders can be very violent with the inhabitants there.
Inhabitants in the Amazonia are now sometimes held accountable for the evil doings of both the Grileiros and the invaders They are decent , they care about the land, and it is their means of survival,and they find themselves now in the middle of this conflict .,15700022,15700186,15700190,15700256,15700259,15700262,15700265&usg=ALkJrhi0CPIvDfN-zuytnoc4_l_7gDGlmA

What is the best way to stop these people trying to take the land illegally?
Is some sort of armed group like the police needed? Could they be effective?

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Without doubting the truth of the illicit burning, it might be worth remarking that fire has always been a feature of the Amazon Basin, including fires deliberately set. Archaeologists have found huge tracts of land in the supposedly “primeval” jungle in which the soil is full of charcoal and pottery shards. Evidently, ancient Indians burned enormous tracts and plowed the charcoal along with pottery shards into the soil to make it drain better but hold nutrients better at the same time. Seems likely those Indians were wiped out by diseases brought by the Spaniards when they traveled down the Amazon from the Andes. Their chronicles talked of huge farming areas and cities. 200 years later when the Portugese explored UP the Amazon, they were all gone, and jungle had taken over.

I honestly do not know.

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