"Amazon Just Banned My Dad’s Therapy Books, Caving to LGBT Activists"

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Sickening. Truly sickening what the Left in this country does.


What these books advocate is illegal, at least for minors, in 15 states and the Supreme Court has declined to review a case challenging it, essentially letting a lower court ruling against it stand. Also there is well established professional consensus that such practices are ineffective and dehumanizing at the same time. These books advocate practices that Amazon can’t guarantee won’t be shipped to a state where they are illegal. These books have not been banned from their existence, one retailer has made the decision that they can’t easily comply with the law.

You cannot force someone to change a life style, that is simply abhorrent to you, when there is no credible documentation that such a lifestyle is inherently self-destructive. This is a clear violation of the establishment clause when religion is used to force a person’s behavior when it has been determined a non-issue in secular society.


The establishment clause is meant to protect churches from actions by the government, or from creation of a theocracy. A book privately written and published has nothing to do with the establishment clause, and is even protected under the first amendment, since a book is not an action. Amazon is a private company, and has discretion over what it chooses to sell, even if it’s a political decision. Obviously the topic is an issue, or it wouldn’t have been addressed in all the court cases you referenced.


According to the article can anyone advise why Amazon is not taking a stance and banning books glorifying pedophilia?
If they are sending a message by banning this book than what message are they sending by keeping the other?

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Amazon is free to sell what it wants and to not sell what it does not want.

Start a website and sell your dad’s books there.


Okay, I just searched for this term on Amazon. Books came up about crime, psychology and some novels. The closest I found to “gloryfing pedophilia” is Lolita, which is a classic novel about obsession with a teenaged girl technically Ephebophilia.

Does someone have actual titles for these pro-pedophile books sold on Amazon?


A theocracy is exactly what I am talking about, laws established and informed by a specific religion.

maybe that’s what what you are talking about, but that isnt what is happening here.

I’d imagine that people would buy them without compulsion like all the other things Amazon sells.


Joseph Nicolosi’s books, including the one his son mentions in his article, Reparative Therapy of Male Homosexuality, are still available from Barnes and Noble:

So, all the uproar about Amazon’s decision to stop carrying his books is a little overblown and it’s still easy to buy them. Nevertheless, even though I don’t agree with Joseph Nicolosi or his theories about what causes homosexuality or how it should be changed, I still don’t think that Amazon should have stopped selling his books. I don’t believe in restricting access to most books and if adults want to read Nicolosi’s books, they should be able to buy them.


The logistics of ensuring these books are not shipped to a jurisdiction where this therapy is illegal for minors is challenging. I’m betting it is not profitable enough for Amazon to sort shipments this way.

Why would it be a problem shipping his books to any place in the US where reparative therapy is illegal for minor? There is nothing in any of these laws saying that it is illegal to have books about reparative or conversion therapy and I’m not aware of hardly any books that are illegal to own in the US. And, of course, adults can try reparative therapy if they want, so how would they get a copy of Mr. Nicolosi’s books if they couldn’t be shipped to where they live.

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I’m not sure why you feel it’s necessary to use the word “sodomite”. There are so many other words you could use that are not plainly intended to be offensive. “Gay” or “homosexual” would be perfectly acceptable terms. Also, what you say is not true. LGB people do not want others to “succumb to their vices”. That makes it sound like you believe in the old myths that homosexuals would try to “recruit” young men. I am guessing from your profile photo that you are Croatian, so I did wonder whether the term is less offensive in Croatian, but I note that Croatian does also have the word “homoseksualac”, as well as “gȇj”, so I assume you were making a point by using “sodomite”.

It’s really not. Not in any way. It’s not a disease. That idea was debunked many decades ago. Homosexuality is not an illness. That is a fact. It’s also not “viral”. Virus: “A submicroscopic, non-cellular structure consisting of a core of DNA or RNA surrounded by a protein coat, that requires a living host cell to replicate, and often causes disease in the host organism.” “A disease caused by these organisms.” Viral: “Of or relating to a biological virus.” “Caused by a virus.” This is clearly scientifically inaccurate and simply a ridiculous statement.

@MarthaSo The link in the article seems to lead to a book that doesn’t exist. Apparently Amazon did sell a book of this kind a number of years ago but removed it from sale:

Amazon also no longer sells the book Understanding Loved Boys and Boylovers that is referred to in that article.

@TheLittleLady As for as I can tell, Amazon doesn’t sell the kind of books it is accused of selling. Any books of this nature that is used to sell seem to have been taken off sale. As is pointed out in an article linked above, the volume of titles available on Amazon probably makes it almost impossible for them to screen to make sure nothing like this ever appears on their site. However, it seems that they take stuff like this down if it’s flagged up.


Because someone is likely to get a copy and try this thoroughly debunked and illegal method on one of their children. And in our very litigious society, Amazon would have the deepest pockets.

The risk outweighs potential profit, and Amazon is in this business for money.

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I’m all in favour of gay people being as gay or not-gay as they want to be. I am not in favour of vulnerable gay people being frightened into trying to change themselves because of fear of eternal damnation for doing what comes naturally to them. I am also opposed to people being forcibly ‘converted’ to heterosexuality. I have not read this book and don’t plan to do so. Sometimes it is useful to restrict books and sometimes not. In this case the publicity caused by the ‘ban’ may lead to greater sales. Incidentally, I continue to be amazed at the way US Catholics respond to issues by reference to the US constitution rather than their religious beliefs.


Amazed at us following the Constitution of our nation? Interesting… I am not sure why that would be considered amazing, but okay. We value our US citizenship almost as much as our heavenly inheritance, because we appreciate how much of a privilege it is to have it.

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Yes, it certainly seems to us non-US people to have elements of religious fervour about it.

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It’s not force when a person comes to you willingly.

Anyone who has desires/urges that they don’t want should be able to seek out unorthodox methods if the mainstream methods don’t work.

If someone had the constant urge to commit violence, I’m sure no one would argue with a person seeking unorthodox techniques after trying all the mainstream techniques.

People have the right to question whether these techniques work, but individuals who don’t want their homosexual attraction should be allowed to try them if they desire too.

After all, if we are going to be a society that allows people to change their sex based on their feelings, we should allow people to attempt to change their feelings if they want to.


That’s because it’s the only thing standing between ourselves and government persecution and tyranny.

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