Amazon Kindle?

Hey CAF,

Does anyone have a Kindle, which kind?
Do you use it for any apologetic books?
How about Bible or Catechism reading?


yes I got it for Christmas, downloaded most of my devotional reading, bible etc. which is a huge help. Not for serious bible study however, too hard to search and find things. Be very picky about what you download and make sure it has been formatted for kindle so their is a searchable table of contents and index, and that the translation of a classical spiritual work is the one you want (I prefer more modern to the Victorian or earlier language). be especially suspicious of free or 99 cent downloads.

same rules as shopping for regular books on Amazon, first shop at a real store and make sure of the edition, author, cover etc. details, so when you get to Amazon you are getting the one you want.

Ignatius press can take you through the steps to purchase and download most of their titles directly from them. Hope other Catholic publishers follow their lead. Which I could get LOTH but not yet.

I just got a Nook. I love it! It is very easy to use.

My wife has an original model Kindle which she loves. I have an Android smartphone for which I downloaded the (free) Kindle for Android app. This gives me nearly the same functionality on my phone, with of course a much smaller screen. This app is not as powerful as the actual Kindle, but it is convenient because I don’t have to carry anything besides my phone.

One useful feature is the ability to download any book as a free sample, which will give you the opportunity to read enough to decide whether purchasing the full book is worth while. The actual download takes just a few minutes. I believe the iPhone also has a Kindle app.

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