Amazon launches Kindle Unlimited e-book service


LA Times:

Amazon launches Kindle Unlimited e-book service Inc. on Friday introduced Kindle Unlimited, an all-you-can-read e-book subscription service available for $9.99 a month.Similar to Netflix and other movie streaming services, Kindle Unlimited makes available a library of 600,000 titles and thousands of audio books for one monthly fee. The service is available for Kindle devices, Apple iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, and traditional computers.

Kindle Unlimited competes against Oyster and Scribd Inc., two start-ups that launched similar services in the last year. To Oyster CEO Eric Stromberg, Amazon’s arrival is a good thing.
“Them entering this space that we created is validation of the market,” he said. “Our strong belief is that as the e-book market grows and matures, an increasing amount of reading will happen through the subscription model in the same way that other media has shifted to that model as well.”

I can see how this would be a good deal for a lot of folks, but I’m wondering how authors get compensated out of this? It must be some fraction of their usual royalty.

O well, the Bezomoth rolls on, who knows what it will bring next?


Since my library also offers e-books and they don’t charge me $9.99 a month, I don’t see much reason to sign up for this.

I can see the advantage for Amazon in getting a subscription revenue stream going. It seems like it would have a limited appeal to consumers but maybe I lack imagination.


At one time I wanted to buy a Kindle but they’re too expensive for me. All well, I kind of prefer regular books anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:


I buy ebooks and keep them forever. Why would I want to pay $10 a month when I can just buy what ebooks I want? :confused:

Now if this was a service like Amazon Prime, minus the two day shipping, for Instant Video only for $10 a month…I’d consider it!


Kindle software is available free for PCs, Macs, tablets, and phones. I wouldn’t be inclined to buy a Kindle as a separate device but I use it on my tablet.


Kindles have e-ink displays so they are better for reading.


I know someone who might enjoy this very much. He is a heavy reader, and the area public library has only so many e-books available. What Amazon is offering is essentially an online subscription library. It will greatly expand the choices available, and allow readers to sample authors or works they wouldn’t otherwise purchase.

Whether authors will find it is good for themselves, I do not know.


Assuming all books are available to read using this service (they aren’t with amazon prime), I would love this. I like to read but there are few books I need to keep a copy of so I’d be happy to pay for this library read and return program. I don’t use my library’s ebooks program very often because I find it difficult to brouse around in it. Unless I have a specific title I want, it is difficult to find a book to read. Unlike cruising through the book shelves where you get inspired by the spine of the book or a specific author, I have no way of finding what I want to read just because it looks interesting. Amazon is good (or bad:)) because not only do you get synopsis and reviews, you’ll be led to “customers who bought this book also bought” - that’s where I get dangerous.



I have two and love them.This afternoon I will sit on the deck reading on one of them and watching the Astros lose on the other.I won’t, however, be signing up for kindle unlimited. I don’t see any advantage to it.


I can see it for someone who reads a lot of books that they don’t necessarily want to keep. One can always but later the ones that are worthwhile.
I read mystery and science fiction series that I doubt I’ll ever go back to & I’ve bought them reluctantly or not at all, waiting for library sales.

Big drawback:
Apparently several big publishers are not participating so selection is limited. I bet Amazon’s next move is to buy out Scribd & other subscription services.

For a humorous take see Ben Bova’s Cyberbooks, published in 1989.


You also get access to the audiobook version if the book is whispersync for voice enabled.


The Kindle is the single greatest present I ever received. As a visually impaired person- it is a godsend. I recommend anyone with a significant visual impairment to get one.

I read about three times faster on my Kindle than I do in an actual book.

If I ever lose my kindle- and I do a lot- I IMMEDIATELY order another one for next-day delivery and if I find my original I just return the one I ordered when it arrives.

I will NOT be left without a kindle for long.


Is sitting on the deck shady or sunny?

The one problem I have with my tablet is that it is pretty much unreadable in bright light. Is a Kindle better for that?


You can read the kindle paper white in any light or no light.


I have a kindle fire HD and rarely have a problem reading it.


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