Amazon sellers hit by nightmare before Christmas as glitch cuts prices to 1p


For about an hour Friday night, prices on Amazon’s UK marketplace crashed to 1p.

From 7-8pm on Friday, software used by third-party sellers to ensure their products are the cheapest on the market went haywire and reduced prices to as little as 1p. “Amazon is all kinds of broken,” one observer tweeted. “Mattress 1p. Headphones 1p. Batteries, clothing, games all 1p. Someone messed up big time."

Smaller businesses on the marketplace are saying they may have to close their doors because of the glitch.


On the one hand, WOW, what a bargain!

On the other, someone had to know something was wrong. (Well, someone did.) Did people really buy all of that expensive - and they knew it was quality - stuff for just 1 pence each? That is terribly greedy and imprudent.


Completely greedy and imprudent; well said.


It appears smaller businesses will not be held liable for the error.

“It took a further few hours to get incorrect prices reverted to their original prices where possible. Amazon have assured us that seller accounts will not be penalised for this issue.”


Let’s hope so. It’d be pretty bad to see a bunch of businesses go bankrupt because of a stupid bug in a system.


I agree.

The software vendor may be in the most difficult position to take a few lumps?

On your point about possible greed displayed on Amazon, this article may show an example of such?


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