Amazon Synod, what else could go wrong?

As if the child abuse scandals were not enough, now paganism is infiltrating the Church. The gates of hell will not prevail but that doesn’t mean the gates of hell will not cause damage. What is our Pope thinking???

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PRAY, wait and trust God. The Holy Spirit is there and will watch over everything for us.


Evidence outside of conspiracy theorists on YouTube, please.


You can’t be serious! The pictures, interviews, videos, banners, shrines and numerous other propaganda that’s been highlighted since this entire event has kicked off and you really think you can dismiss all of it as YouTube conspiracy theory???

There are several posts already going on simultaneously that deal with this issue and there are numerous examples that point to this synod as being very problematic and confusing, to put it mildly.

I’m sorry but YouTube conspiracy theory doesn’t explain one single event that has transpired.


Are you for real… there is no good way to spin this. It is literal paganism. Just go watch it for yourself. I don’t think it could be called catholic at all. Just spend about 42 seconds on a few different you tube videos.

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